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Lease Term

The industry average for lease terms is usually around 3-5 years

Spring Branch Office Space for Rent

“Close to everything” summarizes the location and vibe of Spring Branch, which is situated on the eastern end of Katy Freeway, directly northeast of 610 Loop. With Downtown Houston to the east and the Energy Corridor to the west, the neighborhood is carving out a reputation for itself as a haven for cross-industry movers and shakers. Its convenient coordinates attract new businesses, who also appreciate the abundant potential for growth.

The Spring Branch Management District is behind the local push in innovation, as it’s currently implementing its 15-year Comprehensive Plan. The board’s vision includes renovations to Long Point Road, the main stretch and commercial artery that connects Spring Branch from east to west. In order to revive the once bustling street, the plan calls for wider sidewalks, trees, dedicated bike lanes, and more walkable swaths.

Both in response to and as incentive for this expansion, a number of young companies – namely in the entrepreneurial fields of marketing, media, and food and drink – are banking on the exciting, immediate future of Spring Branch.

Spring Branch Office Space | Lease Data & Trends

Spring Branch is part of the larger Northwest Houston submarket, which has over 8 million square feet of inventory and 26% direct vacancy rate, somewhat higher than the citywide average of 21%.

Nearly half – almost 4 million square feet – of square foot inventory in Spring Branch is Class A, which counts a 32% direct vacancy rate, compared to the 21% average for Class A space. These higher-than-average rates have led to a relatively low direct asking rent for Class A space, at over $26 per square foot, compared to the $35 per square foot average for Class A space in Houston.

The remaining 4-million-plus square feet of inventory is Class B, which has a 21% direct vacancy rate, only slightly higher than the citywide average vacancy rate for Class B space.  The average direct asking rate for Class B space is $21 per square foot, equal to the citywide average.

There is currently no ongoing office space construction projects in Spring Branch.

What Our Brokers Say About Spring Branch Office Space

Spring Branch is bordered by highways, a fact that makes it easy to traverse and connect to surrounding areas. The borders include Beltway 8 to the west, I-10 to the South, and the 610 Loop to the east. This fares well for those who opt to commute by car, since Spring Branch isn’t known for its transit: The neighborhood has a 38 Transit Score. Walking and Biking are better bets, as they both rank a relatively high 60 from Walk Score.

Some of the newer additions to the Spring Branch innovation scene include The Branch and the 4J Brewing Company; Tres Amigos Bakery; Cerebros technology services; and The Cannon, a self-proclaimed coworking campus for creatives. Since The Cannon opened its 20,000-square-foot building in Spring Branch in late 2017, over 70 companies have moved into the collaborative office space. A new, 120,000-square-foot building is in the works next door, expected to open in the first quarter of 2019.

Located just on the edge of Spring Branch is the Karbach Brewing Company, a literal taste of the success that innovation holds in the neighborhood; the brewery launched here and was soon acquired by Anheuser-Busch. This local flavor is reflective of the overall values promoted by Spring Branch: It would seem locals eschew big-name retailer and restaurant chains, opting instead for the homegrown spots like the thrift stores and ethnic eateries that dot Long Point Road.

Bayous abound in Spring Branch – including the neighborhood’s namesake, the Spring Branch bayou – and there’s also a large pond, Spring Lake. These natural elements outfit the area with a distinct aura of nature and tranquility.

Get to Know Spring Branch, Houston  

They say change is a good thing, and it’s a sentiment that Spring Branch wholeheartedly embodies. The 30-mile span of land has a largely rural past, as it spent decades serving as farmland to generations of German immigrants. After witnessing some decline in the post-economy collapse of the 1980s, the neighborhood welcomed lower-income communities who revived the somewhat shuttered area. Today, Spring Branch is still undergoing a resurgence; new residents from diverse economic backgrounds are drawn to the inclusive energy, plus the perks of proximity to Downtown. Moritz Drive, the road that winds down the residential heart of Westview, has seen a particular revival in its housing; new, upscale properties are on the rise here.

Since the 2010 Houston census alone, the population in Spring Branch has grown by nearly 20 percent. This has, in turn, prompted developers to invest in the area; today it counts over 60 new, active single-family subdivisions. Many families are also drawn to the schools here – some of the best in the Houston metro area, like those in the Memorial School District, are zoned to include Spring Branch.

Koreatown is also in Spring Branch, a heritage reflected by the rich number of eateries in the district. H-town’s K-town is host to a number of annual festivals, as well as a slate of cultural institutions, like the long-awaited Korean Community Center at Hollister and Long Point.