1700 Pacific Avenue

1700 Pacific

Dallas, TX 75201

  • 477 - 42,834 sqft
  • ~$22/sqft

Building Details

  • Owner/Leasing ManagerBerkeley First City L.P.
  • Floors50
  • Height655
  • ArchitectWZMH Architects
  • Walk Score®100
  • Year Built1983
  • Notable TenantsElevation Fitness Center

Located on its namesake, 1700 Pacific is a 50 floor [Downtown Dallas office space]( building that is part of the citys City Center District. The building is owned by Berkeley First City L.P. and managed by Jones Lang LaSalle.

The property that 1700 Pacific sits on used to be made up of two triangular blocks, with Live Oak Street splitting right through them. The Dallas Transit Board purchased one of these triangualr blocks in the late 1970s for a proposed underground transit system. Construction of the building began in 1981 and was a two year project. It was previously called First City Centre

It is currently the 7th tallest [building in Dallas](

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  • Availability

    Executive Suite477 sqft$874 /mo est
    Executive Suite826 sqft$1,514 /mo est
    Suite 24151,613 sqft$2,957 /mo est
    Suite 46201,654 sqft$3,032 /mo est
    Suite 44251,689 sqft$3,096 /mo est
    Suite 10151,836 sqft$3,366 /mo est
    Suite 37701,852 sqft$3,395 /mo est
    Suite 22601,981 sqft$3,631 /mo est
    Suite 18401,998 sqft$3,663 /mo est
    Suite 46802,031 sqft$3,723 /mo est
    Suite 12302,069 sqft$3,793 /mo est
    Suite 37302,143 sqft$3,928 /mo est
    Suite 12802,199 sqft$4,031 /mo est
    Suite 24402,262 sqft$4,147 /mo est
    Suite 10302,367 sqft$4,339 /mo est
    Suite 18302,367 sqft$4,339 /mo est
    Suite 18202,375 sqft$4,354 /mo est
    Suite 10352,384 sqft$4,370 /mo est
    Suite 46102,404 sqft$4,407 /mo est
    Suite 26402,570 sqft$4,711 /mo est
    Suite 10452,592 sqft$4,752 /mo est
    Suite 18802,704 sqft$4,957 /mo est
    Suite 10102,759 sqft$5,058 /mo est
    Suite 26702,764 sqft$5,067 /mo est
    Suite 12502,795 sqft$5,124 /mo est
    Suite 46502,796 sqft$5,126 /mo est
    Suite 36603,209 sqft$5,883 /mo est
    Suite 12703,233 sqft$5,927 /mo est
    Suite 23803,265 sqft$5,985 /mo est
    Suite 36703,332 sqft$6,108 /mo est
    Suite 22903,333 sqft$6,110 /mo est
    Suite 23903,334 sqft$6,112 /mo est
    Suite 24003,652 sqft$6,695 /mo est
    Suite 22803,674 sqft$6,735 /mo est
    Suite 22003,767 sqft$6,906 /mo est
    Suite 45253,848 sqft$7,054 /mo est
    Suite 10204,896 sqft$8,976 /mo est
    Suite 45005,433 sqft$9,960 /mo est
    Suite 37206,002 sqft$11,003 /mo est
    Suite 20606,331 sqft$11,606 /mo est
    Suite 20507,038 sqft$12,903 /mo est
    Suite 45457,669 sqft$14,059 /mo est
    Suite 44508,726 sqft$15,997 /mo est
    Suite 275010,398 sqft$19,063 /mo est
    Suite 315015,770 sqft$28,911 /mo est
    Suite 280024,769 sqft$45,409 /mo est
    Suite 170026,125 sqft$47,895 /mo est
    Suite 210026,165 sqft$47,969 /mo est
    Suite 250026,276 sqft$48,172 /mo est
    Suite 320027,232 sqft$49,925 /mo est
    Suite 340027,232 sqft$49,925 /mo est
    Suite 430027,617 sqft$50,631 /mo est
    Suite 350028,317 sqft$51,914 /mo est
    Suite 330028,317 sqft$51,914 /mo est
    Suite 80032,685 sqft$59,922 /mo est
    Suite 70033,764 sqft$61,900 /mo est
    Suite 60035,893 sqft$65,803 /mo est
    Suite 30036,164 sqft$66,300 /mo est
    Suite 50042,021 sqft$77,038 /mo est
    Suite 40042,834 sqft$78,529 /mo est

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