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Avg. $22per square foot

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1717 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201

Located in Downtown, Dallas. There are 53 spaces available for rent in this building.


$116/mo estimate
116 sqft

    Suite 2201

    $539/mo estimate
    539 sqft

      Suite 4350

      $560/mo estimate
      560 sqft

        Suite 3199

        $624/mo estimate
        624 sqft

          Suite 3299

          $927/mo estimate
          927 sqft

            Suite 4550

            Inquire About Pricing
            954 sqft

              Suite 5660

              $963/mo estimate
              963 sqft

                Suite 4460

                $1,105/mo estimate
                1,105 sqft

                  Suite 2220

                  $1,247/mo estimate
                  1,247 sqft

                    Suite 2230

                    $1,346/mo estimate
                    1,346 sqft

                      Suite 4740

                      $1,430/mo estimate
                      1,430 sqft

                        Suite 3901

                        $1,888/mo estimate
                        1,888 sqft

                          Suite 5805

                          $2,053/mo estimate
                          2,053 sqft

                            Suite 3425

                            $2,259/mo estimate
                            2,259 sqft

                              Suite 2525

                              $2,646/mo estimate
                              2,646 sqft

                                Suite 5860

                                $2,733/mo estimate
                                2,733 sqft

                                  Suite 2260

                                  $2,933/mo estimate
                                  2,933 sqft

                                    Suite 4050

                                    $3,189/mo estimate
                                    3,189 sqft

                                      Suite 3380

                                      $3,265/mo estimate
                                      3,265 sqft

                                        Suite 4720

                                        $3,603/mo estimate
                                        3,603 sqft

                                          Suite 3360

                                          $3,650/mo estimate
                                          3,650 sqft

                                            Suite 5620

                                            $3,776/mo estimate
                                            3,776 sqft

                                              Suite 2280

                                              $3,995/mo estimate
                                              3,995 sqft

                                                Suite 5810

                                                $4,596/mo estimate
                                                4,596 sqft

                                                  Suite 2560

                                                  $4,901/mo estimate
                                                  4,901 sqft

                                                    Suite 4750

                                                    $5,250/mo estimate
                                                    5,250 sqft

                                                      Suite 2500

                                                      $5,332/mo estimate
                                                      5,332 sqft

                                                        Suite 3950

                                                        $5,931/mo estimate
                                                        5,931 sqft

                                                          Suite 2250

                                                          $6,129/mo estimate
                                                          6,129 sqft

                                                            Suite 2150

                                                            $6,674/mo estimate
                                                            6,674 sqft

                                                              Suite 4770

                                                              $6,959/mo estimate
                                                              6,959 sqft

                                                                Suite 3550

                                                                $7,324/mo estimate
                                                                7,324 sqft

                                                                  Partial Floor 34 Suite 3400

                                                                  $8,888/mo estimate
                                                                  8,888 sqft

                                                                    Suite 5350

                                                                    $9,001/mo estimate
                                                                    9,001 sqft

                                                                      Suite 3300

                                                                      $9,868/mo estimate
                                                                      9,868 sqft

                                                                        Suite 5300

                                                                        $10,452/mo estimate
                                                                        10,452 sqft

                                                                          Suite 2200

                                                                          $11,320/mo estimate
                                                                          11,320 sqft

                                                                            Suite 4150

                                                                            $14,492/mo estimate
                                                                            14,492 sqft

                                                                              Suite 2550

                                                                              $14,842/mo estimate
                                                                              14,842 sqft

                                                                                Suite 3900

                                                                                $15,889/mo estimate
                                                                                15,889 sqft

                                                                                  Suite 3100

                                                                                  $18,017/mo estimate
                                                                                  18,017 sqft

                                                                                    Suite 1200

                                                                                    $19,029/mo estimate
                                                                                    19,029 sqft

                                                                                      Suite 5200

                                                                                      $19,703/mo estimate
                                                                                      19,703 sqft

                                                                                        Suite 2100

                                                                                        $20,096/mo estimate
                                                                                        20,096 sqft

                                                                                          Suite 5100

                                                                                          $23,933/mo estimate
                                                                                          23,933 sqft

                                                                                            Suite 4200

                                                                                            $25,135/mo estimate
                                                                                            25,135 sqft

                                                                                              Suite 600

                                                                                              $25,304/mo estimate
                                                                                              25,304 sqft

                                                                                                Suite 800

                                                                                                $25,702/mo estimate
                                                                                                25,702 sqft

                                                                                                  Suite 700

                                                                                                  $25,720/mo estimate
                                                                                                  25,720 sqft

                                                                                                    Suite 2300

                                                                                                    $25,818/mo estimate
                                                                                                    25,818 sqft

                                                                                                      Suite 2000

                                                                                                      $25,897/mo estimate
                                                                                                      25,897 sqft

                                                                                                        Suite 1800

                                                                                                        $26,433/mo estimate
                                                                                                        26,433 sqft

                                                                                                          Suite 1700

                                                                                                          $26,613/mo estimate
                                                                                                          26,613 sqft

                                                                                                            Suite 1900


                                                                                                            • Year Built
                                                                                                            • Height
                                                                                                            • Floors
                                                                                                            • Owner
                                                                                                              1717 Dallas Partners LLC
                                                                                                            • Architect
                                                                                                              Johnson/Burgee Architects
                                                                                                            • Leed Certification
                                                                                                            • Walk Score

                                                                                                            <strong>Comerica Bank Tower</strong> is a 60 story skyscraper that is currently the 49th tallest building in the United States and the third tallest building in Dallas. Completed in 1987, the tower was designed by architects John Burgee and Philip Johnson and contains 1,500,000 square feet of [downtown dallas office space] (http://www.thesquarefoot.com/dallas/office-space/downtown-dallas). It was the last high-rise to be completed in [downtown Dallas] (http://www.thesquarefoot.com/dallas/) in the 1980’s. Construction of the tower began in 1985 and was built as the new Headquarters of MCorp Bank. The original plans called for several smaller [office buildings] (http://www.thesquarefoot.com/) along with a shopping center and hotel, but MCorp decided on a singular tower without any retail. Comerica Bank Tower went through a series of legal disputes after MCorp Bank collapsed and was dissolved by Bank One. The building went into foreclosure in 1991 and then again in 1995 before Crescent Real Estate Equities purchased it in 1997 for $238 million. Comerica Bank moved its headquarters from Detroit, Michigan into the tower in 2007. The first five floors house a large banking and stock exchange hall with massive vaulted ceilings and a skylight. It’s design has been described as having an art nouveau style with glass flowing down the side setbacks of the tower giving the illusion of a waterfall. The tower is the central hub of the Dallas Pedestrian Network, which contains several retail centers underground.

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