600 North Pearl Street

Plaza Of The Americas South Tower

Dallas, TX 75201

  • 240 - 23,704 sqft
  • ~$22/sqft

Building Details

  • Walk Score®91
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  • Availability

    21st Floor - Suite240 sqft$440 /mo est
    21st Floor - Suite268 sqft$491 /mo est
    17th Floor - Suite608 sqft$1,114 /mo est
    19th Floor - Suite610 sqft$1,118 /mo est
    23rd Floor - Suite634 sqft$1,162 /mo est
    21st Floor - Suite638 sqft$1,169 /mo est
    16th Floor - Suite993 sqft$1,820 /mo est
    19th Floor - Suite1,095 sqft$2,007 /mo est
    4th Floor - Suite1,200 sqft$2,200 /mo est
    23rd Floor - Suite1,256 sqft$2,302 /mo est
    18th Floor - Suite1,398 sqft$2,563 /mo est
    19th Floor - Suite1,403 sqft$2,572 /mo est
    12th Floor - Suite1,405 sqft$2,575 /mo est
    20th Floor - Suite1,499 sqft$2,748 /mo est
    15th Floor - Suite1,630 sqft$2,988 /mo est
    22nd Floor - Suite1,913 sqft$3,507 /mo est
    22nd Floor - Suite1,972 sqft$3,615 /mo est
    16th Floor - Suite2,015 sqft$3,694 /mo est
    15th Floor - Suite2,384 sqft$4,370 /mo est
    22nd Floor - Suite2,392 sqft$4,385 /mo est
    15th Floor - Suite3,009 sqft$5,516 /mo est
    15th Floor - Suite3,229 sqft$5,919 /mo est
    23rd Floor - Suite3,723 sqft$6,825 /mo est
    19th Floor - Suite4,095 sqft$7,507 /mo est
    24th Floor - Suite4,136 sqft$7,582 /mo est
    21st Floor - Suite4,213 sqft$7,723 /mo est
    5th Floor - Suite4,643 sqft$8,512 /mo est
    7th Floor4,889 sqft$8,963 /mo est
    8th Floor - Suite5,524 sqft$10,127 /mo est
    22nd Floor - Suite6,409 sqft$11,749 /mo est
    11th Floor - Suite6,878 sqft$12,609 /mo est
    21st Floor - Suite7,235 sqft$13,264 /mo est
    22nd Floor - Suite7,345 sqft$13,465 /mo est
    22nd Floor - Suite7,573 sqft$13,883 /mo est
    19th Floor - Suite8,191 sqft$15,016 /mo est
    22nd Floor - Suite8,471 sqft$15,530 /mo est
    22nd Floor - Suite9,185 sqft$16,839 /mo est
    15th Floor - Suite13,449 sqft$24,656 /mo est
    9th Floor - Suite23,070 sqft$42,295 /mo est
    6th Floor - Suite23,179 sqft$42,494 /mo est
    22nd Floor - Suite23,192 sqft$42,518 /mo est
    10th Floor - Suite23,209 sqft$42,549 /mo est
    7th Floor - Suite23,246 sqft$42,617 /mo est
    15th Floor - Suite23,384 sqft$42,870 /mo est
    3rd Floor - Suite23,702 sqft$43,453 /mo est
    15th Floor - Suite23,704 sqft$43,457 /mo est

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