700 North Pearl Street

Plaza Of The Americas

Dallas, TX 75201

  • 240 - 23,849 sqft
  • $440 - $43,723 /mo est
  • ~$22/sqft


Suite 2220240 sqft$440 /mo est
22nd Floor240 sqft$440 /mo est
22nd Floor268 sqft$491 /mo est
Suite 2220268 sqft$491 /mo est
21st Floor363 sqft$665 /mo est
N2130 Suite363 sqft$665 /mo est
21st Floor431 sqft$790 /mo est
Suite 2176431 sqft$790 /mo est
Suite 2175608 sqft$1,114 /mo est
21st Floor608 sqft$1,114 /mo est
21st Floor634 sqft$1,162 /mo est
N2125 Suite634 sqft$1,162 /mo est
23rd Floor638 sqft$1,169 /mo est
Suite 2390638 sqft$1,169 /mo est
Suite 2215728 sqft$1,334 /mo est
Suite 22728 sqft$1,334 /mo est
Suite 1158993 sqft$1,820 /mo est
Suite 1172993 sqft$1,820 /mo est
Suite 2177993 sqft$1,820 /mo est
21st Floor993 sqft$1,820 /mo est
Suite 22021,088 sqft$1,994 /mo est
22nd Floor1,095 sqft$2,007 /mo est
Suite 22451,095 sqft$2,007 /mo est
16th Floor1,222 sqft$2,240 /mo est
N1660 Suite1,222 sqft$2,240 /mo est
5th Floor1,222 sqft$2,240 /mo est
Suite 11571,256 sqft$2,302 /mo est
N2110 Suite1,256 sqft$2,302 /mo est
21st Floor1,256 sqft$2,302 /mo est
1st Floor1,337 sqft$2,451 /mo est
Suite 1071,337 sqft$2,451 /mo est
21st Floor1,398 sqft$2,563 /mo est
Suite 21251,398 sqft$2,563 /mo est
22nd Floor1,403 sqft$2,572 /mo est
Suite 22501,403 sqft$2,572 /mo est
Suite 11781,405 sqft$2,575 /mo est
Suite 6101,405 sqft$2,575 /mo est
6th Floor1,405 sqft$2,575 /mo est
21st Floor1,442 sqft$2,643 /mo est
N2171 Suite1,442 sqft$2,643 /mo est
22nd Floor1,499 sqft$2,748 /mo est
Suite 22501,499 sqft$2,748 /mo est
Suite 22011,499 sqft$2,748 /mo est
N520 Suite1,605 sqft$2,942 /mo est
5th Floor1,605 sqft$2,942 /mo est
Suite 19801,630 sqft$2,988 /mo est
19th Floor1,630 sqft$2,988 /mo est
22nd Floor1,817 sqft$3,331 /mo est
Suite 22551,817 sqft$3,331 /mo est
6th Floor1,913 sqft$3,507 /mo est
Suite 23201,913 sqft$3,507 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite1,913 sqft$3,507 /mo est
23rd Floor1,913 sqft$3,507 /mo est
N960 Suite1,972 sqft$3,615 /mo est
Suite 11631,972 sqft$3,615 /mo est
9th Floor1,972 sqft$3,615 /mo est
N930 Suite1,972 sqft$3,615 /mo est
21st Floor2,015 sqft$3,694 /mo est
Suite 21952,015 sqft$3,694 /mo est
Suite 22052,084 sqft$3,820 /mo est
Suite 222,084 sqft$3,820 /mo est
1st Floor2,322 sqft$4,257 /mo est
Suite 1082,322 sqft$4,257 /mo est
Suite 19402,384 sqft$4,370 /mo est
19th Floor2,384 sqft$4,370 /mo est
Suite 16202,442 sqft$4,477 /mo est
Suite 162,442 sqft$4,477 /mo est
Suite 222,805 sqft$5,142 /mo est
Suite 22002,805 sqft$5,142 /mo est
Suite 23102,848 sqft$5,221 /mo est
23rd Floor2,848 sqft$5,221 /mo est
5th Floor2,984 sqft$5,470 /mo est
N500 Suite2,984 sqft$5,470 /mo est
Suite 1063,345 sqft$6,132 /mo est
1st Floor3,345 sqft$6,132 /mo est
1st Floor3,577 sqft$6,557 /mo est
Suite 1023,577 sqft$6,557 /mo est
22nd Floor4,095 sqft$7,507 /mo est
Suite 22604,095 sqft$7,507 /mo est
18th Floor4,282 sqft$7,850 /mo est
N1875 Suite4,282 sqft$7,850 /mo est
9th Floor4,420 sqft$8,103 /mo est
N950 Suite4,420 sqft$8,103 /mo est
16th Floor4,643 sqft$8,512 /mo est
Suite 16304,643 sqft$8,512 /mo est
22nd Floor4,889 sqft$8,963 /mo est
Suite 22004,889 sqft$8,963 /mo est
Suite 6605,272 sqft$9,665 /mo est
Suite 65,272 sqft$9,665 /mo est
Suite 22605,498 sqft$10,079 /mo est
Suite 225,498 sqft$10,079 /mo est
11th Floor5,524 sqft$10,127 /mo est
Suite 12055,524 sqft$10,127 /mo est
15th Floor - Suite5,524 sqft$10,127 /mo est
12th Floor5,524 sqft$10,127 /mo est
6th Floor6,878 sqft$12,609 /mo est
Suite 6056,878 sqft$12,609 /mo est
12th Floor6,878 sqft$12,609 /mo est
Suite 6006,878 sqft$12,609 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite6,878 sqft$12,609 /mo est
23rd Floor7,235 sqft$13,264 /mo est
Suite 23507,235 sqft$13,264 /mo est
Suite 227,315 sqft$13,410 /mo est
Suite 22557,315 sqft$13,410 /mo est
5th Floor7,345 sqft$13,465 /mo est
N500 Suite7,345 sqft$13,465 /mo est
13th Floor - Suite7,345 sqft$13,465 /mo est
1st Floor7,345 sqft$13,465 /mo est
N925 Suite7,573 sqft$13,883 /mo est
2nd Floor7,573 sqft$13,883 /mo est
9th Floor7,573 sqft$13,883 /mo est
11th Floor - Suite7,573 sqft$13,883 /mo est
Suite 167,782 sqft$14,267 /mo est
Suite 16307,782 sqft$14,267 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite8,191 sqft$15,016 /mo est
21st Floor8,191 sqft$15,016 /mo est
Suite 21008,191 sqft$15,016 /mo est
3rd Floor8,191 sqft$15,016 /mo est
Suite 11698,471 sqft$15,530 /mo est
24th Floor8,471 sqft$15,530 /mo est
Suite 24008,471 sqft$15,530 /mo est
Suite 18509,055 sqft$16,600 /mo est
18th Floor9,055 sqft$16,600 /mo est
Suite 23209,418 sqft$17,266 /mo est
23rd Floor9,418 sqft$17,266 /mo est
Suite 163010,224 sqft$18,744 /mo est
16th Floor10,224 sqft$18,744 /mo est
Suite 135011,945 sqft$21,899 /mo est
Suite 1311,945 sqft$21,899 /mo est
Suite 240012,535 sqft$22,980 /mo est
24th Floor12,535 sqft$22,980 /mo est
Suite 1913,449 sqft$24,656 /mo est
Suite 196013,449 sqft$24,656 /mo est
Partial Floor 22 Suite N 2250 700 Suite19,602 sqft$35,937 /mo est
Suite 150022,832 sqft$41,858 /mo est
15th Floor22,832 sqft$41,858 /mo est
Suite 140023,179 sqft$42,494 /mo est
14th Floor23,179 sqft$42,494 /mo est
7th Floor23,179 sqft$42,494 /mo est
13th Floor - Suite23,179 sqft$42,494 /mo est
7th Floor23,192 sqft$42,518 /mo est
N700 Suite23,192 sqft$42,518 /mo est
Suite 116423,192 sqft$42,518 /mo est
14th Floor - Suite23,246 sqft$42,617 /mo est
Suite 130023,246 sqft$42,617 /mo est
13th Floor23,246 sqft$42,617 /mo est
10th Floor23,246 sqft$42,617 /mo est
N1900 Suite23,769 sqft$43,576 /mo est
19th Floor23,769 sqft$43,576 /mo est
N2000 Suite23,849 sqft$43,723 /mo est
20th Floor23,849 sqft$43,723 /mo est

Building Details

  • Walk Score®92



A resurgence of corporate relcations and commercial developmentse have made Dallas one of the fastest growing centers of business in the US. Just last year, nearly 100 developments have been announced or initiated.

The Downtown commercial office market is generally defined by two primary submarkets: the Central Business District (CBD) and Uptown/Turtle Creek.

The Downtown CBD submarket is comprised of approximately 30 million square feet of multi-tenant office space, and contains more Class A space than almost any other regional submarket at over 20 million square feet. Class A property represents a vast majority of the inventory, in fact.

In the Uptown/Turtle Creek part of town, approximately 11 million square feet of multi-tenant office space is available, with 87 percent classified as Class A space.

More than 50 companies relocated to or renewed their leases Downtown in the last year.

Downtown Dallas is a lively district with tons of attractions, from fine dining restaurants to shops and numerous cultural events in the Arts District, which rivals any cultural center in the country.The Dallas Museum of Art, the Perot (yes, Ross), Museum of Nature and Science, and the AT&T Performing Arts Center offer non-stop programming worth a visit.

Furthermore, the culinary and nighlife scene make for a happy workforce. Diverse food options and boisterous bars offer working professionals a bevy of lunch spots and happy hours.

Dallas is widely regarded as one of the best places to do business in the US. With favorable rents, state-of-the-art commercial space, and a vibrant cultural scene, you can see why. 

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