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West Dallas Commercial Space

Dallas, Tx

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West Dallas at a Glance

$ 22 /ft

The average cost per square foot per year in West Dallas

In the early 1900s, West Dallas was big business for fledgling cement companies. During the 1910 Mexican Revolution, West Dallas was flooded with immigrants from Mexico, who were looking to escape the turmoil and find a better life. With cement being the predominant local industry, little segregated villages popped up around the cement factories, wherein a majority of the residents worked, leading to the adoption of the name Cement or Cement City. While historically speaking, West Dallas was a magnet for industry; its economy today is a bit more diverse. With many commercial and industrial buildings, office parks and small business-friendly areas, West Dallas has plenty of options for both new companies and existing companies looking to relocate. In the early 2000s some of the area’s most prominent employers were GAF Materials Corporation, Commerce Grinding and Blanks Printing & Imaging. West Dallas also includes major industrial distribution centers like Lone Star Park and Turnpike Distribution Center, which sit on land once occupied by those cement companies and refineries. These distribution centers rely heavily on quick and easy access to I-30. Other major employers include nonprofit organizations like Goodwill Dallas, Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic and Habitat For Humanity, as well as public agencies like the City of Dallas, Dallas Housing Authority, etc. – all of which provided jobs for many Dallas area residents. West Dallas also has a booming small business presence, thanks to its ethnically and economically diverse population. Its close proximity to Downtown Dallas, as well as the Medical District and residential areas like Oak Cliff make West Dallas very appealing for businesses and commuters alike. The modest residential areas of West Dallas are located nearby to major transportation hubs and corridors, including the 20-mile Trinity River Corridor Project.