14405 Walters Road

Northwest Commerce Building

Houston, TX 77014

  • 172 - 5,420 sqft
  • $315 - $9,936 /mo est
  • ~$22/sqft


Suite 805172 sqft$315 /mo est
Suite 807172 sqft$315 /mo est
Suite 807172 sqft$315 /mo est
Suite 607180 sqft$330 /mo est
Suite 609180 sqft$330 /mo est
Suite 607180 sqft$330 /mo est
Suite 605180 sqft$330 /mo est
Suite 609180 sqft$330 /mo est
Suite 932184 sqft$337 /mo est
Suite 809198 sqft$363 /mo est
Suite 940202 sqft$370 /mo est
Suite 940202 sqft$370 /mo est
Suite 610210 sqft$385 /mo est
Suite 603215 sqft$394 /mo est
Suite 936221 sqft$405 /mo est
Suite 936221 sqft$405 /mo est
Suite 946272 sqft$498 /mo est
Suite 606272 sqft$498 /mo est
Suite 608272 sqft$498 /mo est
Suite 612275 sqft$504 /mo est
Suite 806276 sqft$506 /mo est
Suite 806276 sqft$506 /mo est
Suite 938277 sqft$507 /mo est
Suite 613277 sqft$507 /mo est
Suite 602285 sqft$522 /mo est
Suite 802295 sqft$540 /mo est
Suite 955332 sqft$608 /mo est
Suite 930332 sqft$608 /mo est
Suite 942342 sqft$627 /mo est
Suite 934342 sqft$627 /mo est
Suite 611414 sqft$759 /mo est
Suite 860430 sqft$788 /mo est
Suite 1003432 sqft$792 /mo est
602 02 Suite465 sqft$852 /mo est
Suite 801467 sqft$856 /mo est
Suite 804474 sqft$869 /mo est
Suite 803474 sqft$869 /mo est
Suite 1010498 sqft$913 /mo est
Suite 1010498 sqft$913 /mo est
Suite 865505 sqft$925 /mo est
Suite 808516 sqft$946 /mo est
Suite 808516 sqft$946 /mo est
Suite 855517 sqft$947 /mo est
Suite 1005524 sqft$960 /mo est
606 02 Suite544 sqft$997 /mo est
Suite 840545 sqft$999 /mo est
Suite 850545 sqft$999 /mo est
Suite 1014554 sqft$1,015 /mo est
946 02 Suite604 sqft$1,107 /mo est
Suite 944640 sqft$1,173 /mo est
611 02 Suite689 sqft$1,263 /mo est
930 02 Suite951 sqft$1,743 /mo est
Suite 1451,098 sqft$2,013 /mo est
Suite 8751,131 sqft$2,073 /mo est
Suite 10041,191 sqft$2,183 /mo est
Suite 8001,196 sqft$2,192 /mo est
Suite 8351,202 sqft$2,203 /mo est
Suite 10061,287 sqft$2,359 /mo est
Executive Suite1,318 sqft$2,416 /mo est
Suite 7501,368 sqft$2,508 /mo est
850 02 Suite1,492 sqft$2,735 /mo est
800 02 Suite1,663 sqft$3,048 /mo est
1004.02 Suite1,715 sqft$3,144 /mo est
835.02 Suite1,747 sqft$3,202 /mo est
850.02 Suite1,997 sqft$3,661 /mo est
Suite 1002,135 sqft$3,914 /mo est
1003.02 Suite2,147 sqft$3,936 /mo est
800.02 Suite2,611 sqft$4,786 /mo est
Suite 1402,675 sqft$4,904 /mo est
800.02 Suite3,403 sqft$6,238 /mo est
140 02 Suite3,993 sqft$7,320 /mo est
Suite 9005,420 sqft$9,936 /mo est
Suite 9005,420 sqft$9,936 /mo est

Building Details

  • Walk Score®60

The Northwest Commerce Building features an attractive fa_ade and the building design provides an excellent road-side presence and visibility.<br><br>The distinguished oak paneled entry lobby and elevators, marble floors and tenant entry doors of oak and glass, collectively define the character and quality of Northwest Commerce Building. Northwest Commerce Center includes a 16,000 square foot single-story attached Annex ideal for medical offices.<br><br>Additional amenities include a three-story parking garage, card-key access provided to tenants for after hours security, and sprinkler systems throughout the property.The property is located in the wooded business district, north of the CBD,with each of the 10 stories boasting a panoramic view. Conveniently locatedwithin 15 to 20 minutes from all major developments in the area, includingHouston Intercontinental Airport, the building is also just minutes fromI-45, Sam Houston Tollway, Willowbrook Mall, and Greenspoint Mall.



Spring is located 20 miles north of Houston and nearby neighborhoods include areas such as Huffman, Kingwood and The Woodlands. 

Spring was originally inhabited by the Orcoquiza Native Americans and by 1840s, many German immigrants and people from Louisiana and other parts of the southern states in U.S shifted to Spring as well. During this period, their main source of economy was sugar cane and cotton production. 

Currently, there are more than 50 000 residents staying in Spring. Highlights here include a 380 acre park, a water park and a golf park operating in this neighborhood. 

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