600 Travis Street

Jp Morgan Chase Tower

Houston, TX 77002

  • 11 - 61,845 sqft


Suite 505011 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 64501,163 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 64501,444 sqft$0 /mo est
63rd Floor - Suite 63752,107 sqft$0 /mo est
62nd Floor - Suite 62602,533 sqft$0 /mo est
19th Floor - Suite 19652,604 sqft$0 /mo est
Partial Floor 6 Suite3,000 sqft$0 /mo est
19th Floor - Suite 19003,005 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 22153,135 sqft$0 /mo est
61st Floor - Suite 61103,215 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 67203,307 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 15203,972 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 18504,043 sqft$0 /mo est
67th Floor - Suite 67204,079 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 47804,305 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 20004,389 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 35754,466 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 18254,599 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 66014,636 sqft$0 /mo est
73rd Floor - Suite 73505,141 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 68755,914 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 7106,786 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 7106,786 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 15017,399 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 47507,791 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 6108,444 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 6108,444 sqft$0 /mo est
31st Floor - Suite 31509,238 sqft$0 /mo est
69th Floor - Suite 69209,354 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 48509,425 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 22009,650 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 67109,959 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 570011,363 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 180115,840 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 50017,097 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 185017,966 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 210021,791 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 490021,900 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 330022,079 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 330022,079 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 480022,082 sqft$0 /mo est
Suite 170061,845 sqft$0 /mo est

Building Details

  • Owner/Leasing ManagerHines Interests
  • Floors75
  • Height1002
  • ArchitectZiegler Cooper Architects
  • Walk Score®97
  • Year Built1982
  • Notable TenantsAndrews Kurth, Locke Lidell, LINN Energy, Cooper Industries, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase

<strong>JPMorgan Chase Tower</strong> was originally named Texas Commerce Tower. It is located on the north side of [Downtown Houston] ( and is the tallest building in [Houston] ( and Texas. The second tallest building in Houston is the [Wells Fargo Plaza] ( lobby of the JPMorgan Chase Tower was designed to match with Jones Hall, which is Houston's home to the Houston Symphony Orchestra. The lobby actually opens up to the Plaza outside, which connects to Jones Hall. The building has an observation deck on the sixtieth floor, which gives breathtaking views of the Houston skyline. In addition it breaks up the elevator banks and one must get off at the 60th floor in order to access the elevators for the next 15 floors.The JPMorgan Chase Tower is the tallest five sided building in the entire world. It is pale gray color with polished granite. The building includes 22,000 square feet of [Houston retail space] ( The Houston office building is a recipient of the Energy Star for Sustainability for 2004, 2005, and 2007 - 2011. In addition, it holds a LEED Gold certification.



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