7500 Bellaire Boulevard

Plaz Americas

Houston, TX 77036

  • 608 - 51,031 sqft
  • $1,114 - $93,556 /mo est
  • ~$22/sqft


F17 Suite608 sqft$1,114 /mo est
C05 Suite725 sqft$1,329 /mo est
Ff16 Suite1,095 sqft$2,007 /mo est
Bb03 Suite1,112 sqft$2,038 /mo est
C02 Suite1,144 sqft$2,097 /mo est
Bb23 Suite1,296 sqft$2,376 /mo est
B27 Suite1,413 sqft$2,590 /mo est
F26 Suite1,430 sqft$2,621 /mo est
C04 Suite1,520 sqft$2,786 /mo est
Bb07 Suite1,761 sqft$3,228 /mo est
B28 Suite1,878 sqft$3,443 /mo est
F25 Suite1,948 sqft$3,571 /mo est
C12 Suite2,020 sqft$3,703 /mo est
E02 Suite2,125 sqft$3,895 /mo est
Cc03 Suite2,366 sqft$4,337 /mo est
B29 Suite2,375 sqft$4,354 /mo est
B26 Suite2,380 sqft$4,363 /mo est
Cc17 Suite2,397 sqft$4,394 /mo est
Cc16 Suite2,397 sqft$4,394 /mo est
F20b Suite2,493 sqft$4,570 /mo est
B03 Suite2,525 sqft$4,629 /mo est
F11 Suite2,575 sqft$4,720 /mo est
Bb19 Suite2,704 sqft$4,957 /mo est
Ff08 Suite2,755 sqft$5,050 /mo est
Cc19 Suite2,996 sqft$5,492 /mo est
Ff18 Suite3,000 sqft$5,500 /mo est
B09 Suite3,147 sqft$5,769 /mo est
Bb21 Suite3,518 sqft$6,449 /mo est
C16 Suite3,617 sqft$6,631 /mo est
Cc22 Suite3,634 sqft$6,662 /mo est
F20a Suite4,310 sqft$7,901 /mo est
C01 Suite4,358 sqft$7,989 /mo est
C13 Suite4,376 sqft$8,022 /mo est
C17 Suite4,472 sqft$8,198 /mo est
C15 Suite4,760 sqft$8,726 /mo est
Cc21 Suite4,785 sqft$8,772 /mo est
Bb05 Suite4,985 sqft$9,139 /mo est
Cc15 Suite5,100 sqft$9,350 /mo est
F13 Suite5,345 sqft$9,799 /mo est
Bb01a Suite5,607 sqft$10,279 /mo est
Cc14 Suite5,818 sqft$10,666 /mo est
Bb08 Suite6,822 sqft$12,507 /mo est
F24 Suite7,928 sqft$14,534 /mo est
E01 Suite10,282 sqft$18,850 /mo est
F14 Suite10,404 sqft$19,074 /mo est
E03 Suite11,084 sqft$20,320 /mo est
Bb04 Suite15,338 sqft$28,119 /mo est
C10 Suite26,330 sqft$48,271 /mo est
F20 Suite39,679 sqft$72,744 /mo est
C14 Suite51,031 sqft$93,556 /mo est

Building Details

  • Walk Score®66



Located in southwest Houston, Meyerland is a 6000 acres charming suburb and the center of Houston's Jewish community.

It is also easily accessible with key Houston business, entertainment and cultural hubs such as Downtown and the Museum District all within a short drive from Meyerland.

If you are looking for a cosy neighborhood to set up your office space, Meyerland might just be the right area for you. 

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