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Spring Branch Commercial Space

Houston, Tx

Spring Branch at a Glance

Spring Branch is a neighborhood located near several major highways and interstates, which makes it a prime location for companies looking for office space. The neighborhood is located near Clay Road, U.S. Highway 290, Beltway 8, Interstate 10 and the 610 Loop. Additionally, there are some bodies of water to enjoy in Spring Branch. There are a couple of bayous and ponds that run throughout Spring Branch neighborhood, which help to beautify the neighborhood. Spring Lake is a large pond that is at the center of the neighborhood. There is a large Korean American and Hispanic American community, which could be a benefit for companies targeting those specific demographics. One of the major markets which Spring Branch caters to is Latinos. La Michoacana Meat Market makes Spring Branch home to its headquarters. Spring Branch has only a few chain businesses and stores, which makes it a prime location for businesses to set up and take advantage of the lack of competition. Some of the major corporations that make Spring Branch their headquarters are Tesco Corportation, BJ Services Company and Cameron International Corporation. Igloo Corporation previously had a manufacturing facility in the area, which also served as the company headquarters. Spring Branch is also located very close to Downtown Houston, which obviously makes it an appealing location for office space. Visit TheSquareFoot today for help in locating office space in Spring Branch.