Case Study Acousting Engineering Company

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Challenge Finding a new coworking space during COVID-19

Acousting Engineering Company's Ideal Space

  • Coworking
  • A quiet, private space
  • For 4 employees
  • Near Grand Central
  • 500-1,000 SqFt
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Not your typical coworking agreement

When people think of coworking spaces, they typically think of the office space giant WeWork, with cold brew on tap and buzzing, open plan workspaces. These stereotypes can be the reason many businesses are drawn to WeWork. But for companies looking for coworking opportunities, WeWork is far from the only option. There are a variety of different coworking solutions across New York City that could be a better fit for your business.

One such company, in the field of acoustic engineering, was looking for a new coworking space after their WeWork lease had expired.

Our broker was able to help the acoustic engineering company find a new coworking space that suited all their needs, and she was able to negotiate a great discount on the space.

The challenges

  1. 01 Touring space during COVID-19
  2. 02 Sticking to a tight budget
  3. 03 Finding a quiet space with plenty of light

Touring spaces was a challenge for the small company. They only had one employee in Manhattan, who was tasked with touring and reporting back to the operations manager to make the final decision.

The company wanted a quiet space, which was missing from their previous WeWork situation. They also needed to stay within their strict budget, but finding a space that upheld all of their requirements on a budget was not an easy challenge. Luckily, our broker’s network afforded her a selection of options that fit the company’s needs. Finally, unlike their old space, they wanted their new space to have a window and to be a more professional, traditional office.

SquareFoot follows all state mandated safety procedures for tours. You can read them in full here.

The solution

  1. 01 Coworking provider Coalition Space
  2. 02 A private, well-lit office in their desired neighborhood
  3. 03 Discounted monthly rent

SquareFoot brokers have access to a database of coworking providers, so our broker was able to select an assortment of coworking options for the acoustic engineers. Coalition Space proved to be the best choice for the company. They were able to provide the company with a private, lockable office that had opaque walls and was still in the same Grand Central neighborhood as their old WeWork space. Due to the relationship our broker had built with the representative at Coalition Space, she was able to get 40% off the price for her client, keeping them well within their desired budget.


Image of Coworking Space by Austin Distel


The SquareFoot client was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the coworking deal was done. Access to a database of coworking providers allowed our broker to quickly and efficiently source suitable options that fit her client’s needs, reduce the number of property tours needed and negotiate a 40% discount on a coworking space that was an upgrade on their previous office.

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