Case Study Gaming Company

Increasing office space during a global pandemic

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Challenge Finding a space to house a data center during the COVID-19 pandemic

Gaming Company's Ideal Space

  • - 1,000 square feet
  • - A top floor space
  • - Temperature regulated to set up a data center
  • - Modified power source
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When a high-end gaming software company came to us with a somewhat unusual request, we were ready for the challenge. However, navigating their office space search during a global pandemic added an extra level of complexity.

The company’s office space was located in the heart of the financial district in New York City, and their lease was about to expire. They were looking to expand their footprint and set up a small data center. In addition to needing around 1000 square feet of space, the company had two major requirements that were key to the success of their business. The space that would house their data center would have to be temperature regulated and would need modifications to allow for more power than a typical office space. They also needed a building that could accommodate their antenna. Originally, this led their search to penthouse office spaces so they could ensure the best possible signal for the antenna. However, in NYC these kinds of requirements can come at a hefty cost.

After listening to the software company’s tech requirements, we did some research and got in touch with communications companies and industrial properties to effectively come up with the best possible solution for the client.

It became apparent that an industrial space would be best suited to setting up the data center and could be done much more cost-effectively outside New York City. Our broker contacted New Jersey data centers as well as industrial brokers to get the best information for the client. There were a number of roadblocks experienced along the way, but in the end we were able to find our client nearly 4,000 square feet of industrial space in Secaucus, New Jersey, for them to expand their business and set up the data center.

While the pandemic bubbled up new and unforeseen challenges to many aspects of this client’s office space search, we were able to extract some positives too. Throughout NYC’s quarantine, our broker kept in touch with ServCorp, a coworking provider located in One World Trade Center. This allowed us to provide our client with real-time updates in pricing changes, and ultimately we were able to get the gaming software company a large discount on a 4 person coworking space.

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The solution

  1. 01

    > 4000 SqFt of industrial space

  2. 02

    Locations in NYC and NJ

  3. 03

    Discount on a coworking space

By working alongside communications infrastructure company Crown Castle, and Verizon the broker was able to get the company’s antenna placed on the tallest building in NYC: One World Trade Center. This ensured that the company retained its presence in New York City and was also able to take advantage of nearly 4 times its space requirement in New Jersey. This enabled the business to take on additional projects that would not have been possible if they had settled for less space at a higher cost in New York City.

By leveraging our market expertise and staying on top of new office space opportunities that were offered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to help the gaming software company find a happy new home for their business and employees.


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