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Hourly Office Space: NYC Renting Options

August 19, 2020 | by
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Wasserstrum

As the world of office space evolves, flexible workspace has become extremely common and affordable. You can book space on a monthly, daily, or even hourly basis!

In this post, we’ll go over the benefits of renting office space by the hour and list some office by the hour options in New York City.

Why rent an office space by the hour?

Here are some reasons you may want to rent office space by the hour:


If you primarily work from home, getting an office space by the hour is likely more cost-effective than getting a coworking membership.

Additionally, getting flexible space means you won’t have to pay for any security services, maintenance services, or cleaning services! You’ll also likely have access to amenities like free coffee and tea, a kitchen, meeting room and conference room access, and more.

Professional credibility

Taking client meetings at home or in a coffee shop can hurt your professional credibility. Taking meetings in rented office space, however, allows you to give off a more professional, serious impression to your clients and boost your overall business reputation. In many flexible spaces, you’ll have the option to rent private conference rooms, meeting rooms, and more.


Depending on where you conduct the bulk of your work, renting an office space by the hour may allow you to be more productive than you normally would elsewhere. For example, if you travel often for work, you may choose to book office space hourly before and after work-related obligations, such as client meetings. Or you may work primarily from a home office day-to-day, but crave a change of scenery for certain tasks!

Networking opportunities

Working in a shared office space with other dedicated working professionals means that you’ll have more opportunities for networking than you might elsewhere.

Coworking spaces work to foster a sense of community amongst their members, holding happy hours, networking events, classes, and more. Even just spending time in common areas, like lounges and kitchens, will open up chances for you to meet others in the space. You may find yourself a business partner, team member, or a client this way!

Off-site meetings

Though your company may have an office space of its own, certain strategy, goal-setting, or training meetings are often best conducted outside of the immediate office setting. In this scenario, renting your team an office space by the hour (for example, a private conference room) is an easy option for your team meeting.

Offices by the hour in NYC

Need to find hourly office space in NYC for you or your company? Here are some of the best flexible options for you to consider:

Breather: Breather offers a variety of beautifully-decorated, flexible office and coworking spaces across New York City that you can rent for hourly, daily, or monthly. With available offices all over the city, you’re sure to find a viable location near you for you and/or your team.

LiquidSpace: LiquidSpace is a platform that connects you with available office spaces you can rent by the hour or by the month, and allows you to find and book space online.

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