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Best in NYC Coffee: Episode 3 – Chelsea

From minimalist espresso houses to underrated chains

April 2, 2016 | by Nell Lanman
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Tootell

For New York coffee fans, the Chelsea Blue Bottle, Birch and Think outposts are probably well-worn destinations. But there’s more to Chelsea’s coffee scene than the reliably great aforementioned chains, and this series is about great coffee shops — not just great coffee.

Here’s a look at 5 of the best Chelsea coffee shops in the game that might have slipped your radar.

1. Fika

You couldn’t be blamed for passing a Fika and thinking it was a hair salon. As far as design goes, the clean white lines of the Swedish coffee chain looks little like most wood-worn cafes.

Ranging in size and offerings throughout the city, not all Fika’s are created equal, though. This alcove in Chelsea is a highlight for its spacious interior and relaxing ambience. The perfect spot for an afternoon meeting over a glass of chilled chai.

Location: 155 7th Ave

2. The Commons Chelsea

This hip mom and pop stop on 7th Ave is a local favorite for good reason. Serving up a tight selection of beer and wine alongside coffee from La Colombe, this peppy neighborhood haunt is just what the the doctor ordered for a Summer Friday or Happy Hour prelude.

Location: 128 7th Avenue

3. Telegraphe Café

Your espresso bar in Chelsea.

That’s Telegraphe Café’s company tagline, and it’s a lofty idea, especially in a coffee-saturated neighborhood like Chelsea. It’s more than justified, thanks to the supremely friendly baristas who are just shy of celebrity status among the locals. The menu also boasts a hearty selection of French-infused fare. You know, plenty of eggs and cheeses.

Location: 511 West 20th St

4. Underline

So named for its spot under the High Line, Underline is a charming little coffee outpost serving up batches of Bolivian brews from Counter Culture. As an added bonus, they’ve left some meticulous recipes to crib from on their blog, for you coffee aficionados out there. If you’re fueling up for a walk on the High Line, be sure to swing by Underline.

Location: 511 W 20th

5. Seven Grams Caffe

Not for nothing, Seven Grams Caffe is probably the best storyteller on this list. The name is lifted from their espresso technique, which uses seven grams of pure, freshly ground coffee for the perfect shot.

Attention detail isn’t the only thing Seven Grams has going for it. With a minimalist style and a strong pastry game, it’s quickly climbing the ranks to lay claim to the best coffee shop in Chelsea.

Location: 275 7th Ave

Looking for more than just a cup of coffee? Check out our Chelsea Lunch Guide and other neighborhood highlights!

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