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Inside Uniqlo City

You might imagine Uniqlo City, Fast Retailing’s new headquarters for 1,000 Tokyo-based employees, to be something like an open-plan office on steroids. Well it’s much more than that. An Allied Works Architecture... Read More

Are Summer Fridays Obsolete?

Just when it looked like employees might get the fully flexible existence they always wanted, “Summer Fridays,” the original perk, appears in danger of vanishing altogether. A recent study found that... Read More

Workspace Spotlight: Venmo

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Venmo, the free peer-to-peer app that lets you make and share payments with friends. You probably use it, too. Gone are... Read More

Fun Office Events That Aren’t Happy Hours

We all love our company happy hours, but with too much of the same thing, you risk a drop in attendance with the same event over and over again. Why not spice... Read More

Articles to Keep Handy

9 Questions to Ask When Looking for Office Space

Whether you’re hitting the office space market for the first time or you’ve moved your business before, staying focused on the immediate steps at hand will save you time, money... Read More

How to Pick the Right Location for Your New Office

Something you read about with more fequency now is companies (especially in tech) choosing to make a statement with the location of their new office. Not the office space itself. The... Read More

Considering an Office Sublet? 3 Things You Should Know

You might have heard, either through the proverbial grapevine or friends in a similar position, that a sublet is the way to go for office space, especially if you’re a... Read More

How an Inability to Follow Directions Led to the Best Sandwich in Brooklyn

This feature was originally published on A staple of any work neighborhood worth its salt, as we all know, is a great sandwich shoppe. Can you believe that until... Read More

Tips for Better Onboarding

We’ve all been there. The first day at a new job is as thrilling as it is disorienting: What’s the WiFi password? Where are the bathrooms? The list of questions... Read More

America’s Work Obsession Is Only Getting Worse

The evidence is mounting: Americans are overworked. Recent studies point to less mandated time off (like paid parental leave) and longer hours as a sign that Americans, relative to other... Read More

5 DIY Office Hacks

In addition to implementing some of the over-arching office design trends for 2017 it’s also possible to add smaller touches without breaking the bank (or completely gutting your space). These simple... Read More

Workspace Serendipity: The ‘Greatist’ Office in SoHo

When the creators at Greatist started looking for office space, they knew that at least one requirement was non-negotiable. The kitchen. Wherever they ended up, the kitchen had to have the... Read More

Workspace Spotlight: SiteCompli

If you haven’t heard of SiteCompli yet, you soon will: SiteCompli helps property owners and managers take control of building operations through automation. Sure enough, as one of the fastest-growing companies in... Read More

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