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Illuminating Ideas for Office Lighting Upgrades

Our office recently upgrade all of the harsh cool fluorescent lightbulbs to softer, warmer ones, and everyone was amazed by the immediate effect brought about by the change in lighting.... Read More

Five Features to Aim for in the Next Space You Rent

Like a first car, the first space a company rents is usually…lacking in some key departments. Like space. Lighting. Quiet. And just about any modern amenity you can think of.... Read More

Life After Coworking Space

You know it’s a platform when people start using it in ways you didn’t anticipate. The “it” in this case is the coworking phenomenon. For early stage startups and small... Read More

Penn Station Repairs: A Guide to Your New Commute

Penn Station’s railway infrastructure, most would concede, has reached its breaking point. With three derailments since spring (the last coming just a few days ago) and endless delays already, the situation... Read More

Articles to Keep Handy

9 Questions to Ask When Looking for Office Space

Whether you’re hitting the office space market for the first time or you’ve moved your business before, staying focused on the immediate steps at hand will save you time, money... Read More

How to Pick the Right Location for Your New Office

Something you read about with more fequency now is companies (especially in tech) choosing to make a statement with the location of their new office. Not the office space itself. The... Read More

Considering an Office Sublet? 3 Things You Should Know

You might have heard through the proverbial grapevine or friends in a similar position that an office sublet is a great solution for young companies in need of their own workspace.... Read More

How to Ensure Your Employees Are Happy With Your New Office Space

All-in-all, it can take 3-6 months to situate your team in a new office. It would be a shame if, after all that, parts of your team were ambivalent, or... Read More

An Executive’s Guide to Personal Workspace

We’ve had the good fortune to tap leading entrepreneurial minds on the personal motivations and daily thought-process driving their businesses. In the course of those conversations, we’ve learned that an... Read More

5 Reasons Your Security Deposit is So High

When leasing office space, it’s often difficult to know how large a security deposit is fair or what to expect. Especially if you’ve never been through the process before. Every... Read More

Workspace Spotlight: Venmo

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Venmo, the free peer-to-peer app that lets you make and share payments with friends. You probably use it, too. Gone are... Read More

Inside Uniqlo City

You might imagine Uniqlo City, Fast Retailing’s new headquarters for 1,000 Tokyo-based employees, to be something like an open-plan office on steroids. Well it’s much more than that. An Allied Works Architecture... Read More

Fun Office Events That Aren’t Happy Hours

We all love our company happy hours, but with too much of the same thing, you risk a drop in attendance with the same event over and over again. Why not spice... Read More

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