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Client Spotlight

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Client Spotlight: GirlBand

GirlBand was looking for a permanent home for their team. SquareFoot broker Emily Strachan worked to find a space that was special and creative to enhance the culture of their already... Read More

Client Spotlight: BuzziSpace

SF: What does BuzziSpace do? BS: BuzziSpace creates solutions for happy and healthy spaces around the world. With a mission to improve well-being through human-centric design, we provide original acoustic... Read More

Client Spotlight: CredSimple

As close as the CredSimple team is, their original working quarters slowly became a little too cozy for comfort. Their space in DUMBO was so tight that they had to... Read More

Finding & Leasing Office Space

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How Will the Government Shutdown Impact US Office Markets?

The current government shutdown is now the longest in US history, overtaking its predecessor by 5 days and counting. As federal funds dry up or remain inaccessible, there is worry... Read More

SquareFoot Dictionary

Office Space: Usable Square Feet: Measurement of the commercial space that a tenant has exclusive use of Carpetable square footage: Usable square footage minus any areas that are devoted to... Read More

SquareFoot Guide to Opening Your First NYC Office

Whether you’re a domestic company looking to open a satellite office on the East Coast or an international corporation looking to grow in the U.S., the chances are high that... Read More

Articles to Keep Handy

How to Sublease Your Office Space: Pros, Cons, and Hidden Costs

If you’re renting office space but not using all the space, why let it go to waste? Much like apartment renters use Airbnb to rent out their extra rooms, businesses... Read More

SquareFoot Dictionary

Office Space: Usable Square Feet: Measurement of the commercial space that a tenant has exclusive use of Carpetable square footage: Usable square footage minus any areas that are devoted to... Read More

What is a Good Guy Guarantee and is it Good or Bad for Tenants?

In New York commercial real estate, landlords commonly ask tenants to agree to a “Good Guy Guarantee” clause in the lease. What is it? Essentially, the good guy guarantee is... Read More

Future of Work

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The Definitive Guide to Making Your Office Accessibility-Friendly

It’s no secret that a diverse workplace can drive a company’s success by fostering a competitive and innovative edge. In fact, more diverse teams directly correlate with more profitability. In... Read More

Creating a Pet-Friendly Office Policy: What You Need to Know

Pet Sitters International celebrated the first annual Take Your Dog to Work Day on the Friday following Father’s Day in 1999. The original goals included raising awareness of the human-canine... Read More

Natural Lighting in the Office Boosts Employee Health. Here’s How.

“Natural” is a buzzword in many current wellness trends, both in and outside of the office, so you might be surprised to learn that in 1965 it was actually widely... Read More

Office Spotlight

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Inside myGini

Office Spotlight: 402 Jackson St Ofist, the Istanbul based design form, designed myGini‘s San Francisco office. We spoke with the designers and they provided the following information. SquareFoot What’s the first... Read More

Inside Mark Anthony Brands

Office Spotlight: 328 S Jefferson St Eastlake Studio designed Mark Anthony Brands’ vibrant office in Chicago. We spoke with Eastlake Studio and learned more about this office. SquareFoot What’s the... Read More

Inside Novel Coworking Office

Office Spotlight: 1630 Welton St Novel Coworking recently completed the design for their new co-working space in Denver. We were able to chat with them to find out more about... Read More

Series A: We’re thrilled to announce…

We are thrilled to announce that we just closed our Series A of $7 million led by Rosecliff Ventures!  This fresh round of funding will accelerate the pursuit of our... Read More

CCC (Commercial Real Estate Convergence is Coming)

Convergence is coming.  We hear about it in a variety of industries and circumstances and it’s coming to commercial real estate. We’ve continued to evolve our vision on where we... Read More

Happy Holidays, from our team

Happy Holidays and all the best to you in the year to come! As we close out 2017, I want to take the opportunity to wish you a happy holiday... Read More

Penn Station Repairs: A Guide to Your New Commute

Penn Station’s railway infrastructure, most would concede, has reached its breaking point. With three derailments since spring (the last coming just a few days ago) and endless delays already, the situation... Read More

Why DUMBO is Still the Cream of the Brooklyn Office Space Crop

Updated May, 2018 Business owners looking for office space in Brooklyn should consider working out of DUMBO. The neighborhood initially served as a ferry landing and was marked with industrial... Read More

Corporate Art Walk: DOC’s Midtown Meltdown at 1001 6th Avenue

Perhaps it’s time to give corporate lobby art its due. Perfectly straddling the line between low and high brow art (maybe “no brow?”), the prints, sculptures and paintings adorning lobbies... Read More

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