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What Does Business Insurance Cost for a Startup?

This is by Emily Lazration of CoverWallet. There are several factors to consider when launching a startup, and one of the most important is protecting your business. Aside from adhering... Read More

Top coffee shop Financial District

It’s a tough choice, when it comes to the best coffee shop Financial District has a lot. If you’re like us, most mornings you need coffee to be a functioning... Read More

Greening the Workspace with Eco-friendly Office Cleaning

Environmental awareness is increasing in our society and across the globe. Now, many employers are bringing this awareness to the office space, where they are interested in employing eco-friendly office... Read More

4 Myths of Working at a Startup 

This is a guest post from Marie Johnson, contributing author at Enlightened Digital.   If you’ve ever watched an episode of HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” you may think you have a... Read More

Does the CEO office location affect business?

SquareFoot’s CEO and founder Jonathan Wasserstrum gave up the luxury of a CEO office. Instead he chose to be located in the middle of the room. Surrounding himself with employees... Read More

7 Top Leadership Books for Entrepreneurs at Growing Companies

The best leaders at a business are always on the look-out for ways to increase productivity and employee motivation. Here at SquareFoot, we know that work goals are always at... Read More

4 Office Perks to Steal From Google

This is a guest post from productivity writer Kayla Matthews. Google is one of the most influential companies in the world, and doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon.... Read More

Five Smart Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Smart business executives spend a lot of time worrying about employee morale. They know it has huge ramifications for their company’s growth. Organizations with the highest number of engaged employees... Read More

Illuminating Ideas for Office Lighting Upgrades

Our office recently upgrade all of the harsh cool fluorescent lightbulbs to softer, warmer ones, and everyone was amazed by the immediate effect brought about by the change in lighting.... Read More

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