Reduce your existing commercial real estate spend during COVID-19.

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D.C. Workers Return to the Office With New Health Guidelines

In the first week of April amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Washington, D.C., had an office occupancy rate of only 14%, according to Kastle Systems. D.C. residents and workers were under... Read More

Reimagining the Workplace in LA

In Q1 of 2019, more than 2.8 million square feet of office space were under construction in Los Angeles. LA office space seekers are likely accustomed to reading office building... Read More

Suburban Satellite Offices: The Future of Work Amid the Pandemic?

As businesses across the country reopen following coronavirus-driven shutdowns, business owners and employers are re-imagining the future of work and coming up with a variety of plans to move forward.... Read More

How to Manage Frequently Touched Surfaces in the Office

As the COVID-19 crisis intensified in New York City, which quickly became the epicenter of the outbreak, most NYC offices shut down and asked employees to work remotely from home.... Read More

Creating a Plan to Reopen the Office as Covid-19 Restrictions are Lifted

Across the United States, people have implemented social distancing measures intended to limit person-to-person interaction and slow the spread of COVID-19. As a consequence, thousands of businesses have shut their... Read More

Reimagining the Workplace After COVID-19

Even after people return to their workplaces, even after treatments and/or a vaccine for COVID-19 has been developed, the coronavirus pandemic will have made an indelible mark on every society... Read More

The Commuting Conundrum: Staying Safe From Covid-19 While Getting to Work

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic. As a result, schools closed, concerts and sporting events were canceled, large gatherings of... Read More

Social Distancing in the Office

Almost one-third of Americans have experienced a job or income disruption, and 10% of Americans have been temporarily laid off, Zach Hyronwski writes for Gallup. Twenty percent of Americans were... Read More

Preparing to Re-open Your Office

Download the PDF version. As the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak became increasingly clear earlier this year, many businesses were ahead of the curve in taking steps such as stopping... Read More

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Reduce your existing commercial real estate spend during COVID-19.

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