Reduce your existing commercial real estate spend during COVID-19.

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Your Office Snack Pantry Is Killing Productivity. Here’s How to Fix It.

According to research conducted by the Center for Disease Control, the effects of obesity and poor health cost U.S. companies more than $225 billion per year in lost productivity. Many... Read More

Fun Office Events That Aren’t Happy Hours

Most employee interactions in the workplace consist of meetings about work, quick exchanges over a snack or coffee, or maybe the occasional lunch. In most cases, your direct reports won’t... Read More

In the face of uncertainty, you need flexibility.

My crystal ball is broken; the only thing I’m certain of today is uncertainty. We understand that in this changing environment flexibility is key. As your trusted office space advisors,... Read More

The Pros And Cons Of Flexible Work From Home Opportunities

Working from home was once only a possibility for a select few jobs. But because modern technology has really expanded the possibilities to work remotely, more and more people are... Read More

An Exploration of Coworking Space in Washington DC

The working world doesn’t look like it used to. Start-ups are everywhere, businesses frequently re-locate, and more and more people are part of the “gig economy” and working as freelancers.... Read More

Office Amenities that Employees Want and Actually Use

With a continuously growing desire to innovate the ways we live and work, there’s no shortage of ideas for hip, new amenities that are meant to transform all aspects of... Read More

6 Hiring Tips to Level Up Your Business’s Growth Strategy

Hiring for your business is not a process that should be taken lightly. If done well, it should be about a lot more than just collecting resumes and conducting interviews.... Read More

What Does Business Insurance Cost for a Startup?

This is by Emily Lazration of CoverWallet. There are several factors to consider when launching a startup, and one of the most important is protecting your business. Aside from adhering... Read More

Greening the Workspace with Eco-friendly Office Cleaning

Environmental awareness is increasing in our society and across the globe. Now, many employers are bringing this awareness to the office space, where they are interested in employing eco-friendly office... Read More

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Reduce your existing commercial real estate spend during COVID-19.

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