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Commercial Real Estate Definitions

Buildout Meaning in Commercial Real Estate

The buildout meaning, which is a term frequently used in commercial real estate, is not what you might assume at first glance. Buildout is not exactly the same as building.... Read More

Coworking Spaces in NYC

The rise of coworking spaces in NYC in recent years is a response to the nature of the working world, which has changed a lot in the last several years.... Read More

Lease vs rent: What’s the difference?

You know the difference between buying and renting. But what is the difference between leasing and renting a space? Although there are similarities with lease vs rent, there are many... Read More

Flex Space Solutions for Your Company

Flex space solutions are relatively new to the world of commercial real estate. Traditionally, there was only one method for acquiring office space. A company, no matter its size, would... Read More

How Many Tours Does It Take to Find the Right Office?

The breadth of office options in New York City is staggering, with 525 million square feet of space in Manhattan alone. With the seemingly endless possibilities, you may be asking... Read More

Relocating and the Art of the Office Cleanup

When moving offices, many companies are so focused on packing up boxes and picking new furniture that they miss out on a fantastic opportunity: a massive, all-hands-on-deck office cleanup. First,... Read More

Why You Need A Tenant Broker In Your Office Search

Even the most confident or experienced among us find commercial real estate to be a tricky world to navigate. That’s the bad news. The good news: You don’t have to... Read More

Office Search 101: Helpful Answers To Important Questions

Your company needs more space, and you have no idea where to begin. Don’t feel too bad. Most people who start out in the search for office space are at... Read More

What to Consider When Starting a Search for a New Office

Your hunt for new office space will include moments hopeful and exciting—and still others that are daunting and stressful. But a little advanced preparation will skew the process toward the... Read More

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