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Client Spotlight: BuzziSpace

How BuzziSpace created their first NYC office.

October 24, 2018 | by Sasha Veytsman
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Tootell

SF: What does BuzziSpace do?

  • BS: BuzziSpace creates solutions for happy and healthy spaces around the world. With a mission to improve well-being through human-centric design, we provide original acoustic solutions, lighting and furnishings to meet the needs of the modern workplace—and beyond.
    It started with acoustics and from there, the mission grew. Driven by an unbounded passion for solving modern design challenges, we strive to continuously reimagine furnishings to be more functional and fun. Our in-house studio collaborates with talented designers to provide new ways of working and living—comfortably, collaboratively and sustainably.


SF: How big is the team?

  • BS: The whole BuzziSpace organization covers around 200 employees across several departments worldwide – from production and sales to marketing, product development, operations and finance. The New York space (located at 45 West 21st Street) houses our New York Metro business development team and North American Sales Director.


SF: What was the reason for BuzziSpace moving to a new office?

  • BS: It has never really been a question of if, but when we would move to New York. As a brand, we identify with many characteristics that best describe this vibrant city – inspiring, bold, surprising and fast-paced. It’s a destination where our team, sales network and the local A&D community can all come together to collaborate and experience BuzziSpace first-hand, year-round.


SF: What is the company culture in the new office?

  • BS: Our new space in New York has been set up to accommodate several functions. First of all, as a workspace, but at the same time it is meant to inspire customers, A&D, and dealers on how to create happy, healthy workspaces, meeting all the needs that people are requesting. That is also the reason why we try to stay away from labeling the space as a showroom only. Rather, we use Sh’Office to reflect the multiple functions; showroom, office, hub, …


SF: What is your favorite part of your office buildout?

  • BS: The setup of the space allows us to move around and to choose a place to work depending on the tasks at hand. If we want need to focus, we typically spend time in the separate office while at other times we hide out in the lounge chairs. However, our preferred spot is meeting at the high PicNic table with a cup of coffee and a piece (or two) of Belgian chocolate. It’s the heart of the space where people can connect, gather and share ideas.


SF: What is your favorite part of the neighborhood your new office is located in?

  • BS: We love that our space is located in the middle of Manhattan, which makes it very accessible for customers and visitors. On top of this, there are several other A&D communities and dealers in the neighborhood, so when you’re wandering the streets in the Flatiron District, you can easily make several stops, visiting some of our counterparts in the industry.


SF: Favorite lunch spot in the area?

  • BS: There are several places we like to go in the area, but Trader’s Joe really has everything, no matter which mood we’re in, and as bonus, it’s just around the corner.


SF: How long did the process take you from searching for space until move-in?

  • BS: Approximately one year.


SF: What was the most difficult part of the move?

  • BS: This was a complete new move. We didn’t have this kind of space in New York previously, so we really had to start from scratch. And especially as a company with European headquarters, it was also quite a challenge to understand the New York regulations. However, with great support from our landlord and SquareFoot broker, Katherine McCorkle, everything came together, resulting in a trouble-free move.


SF: What did your team learn from this move?

  • BS: Thanks to appropriate project planning with the landlord, the general contractor and electrical contractor, we managed to do the physical installation in just five work days with a team of six people.

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