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Top coffee shop Financial District

October 22, 2019 | by
Reviewed by real estate expert Michael Colacino

It’s a tough choice, when it comes to the best coffee shop Financial District has a lot. If you’re like us, most mornings you need coffee to be a functioning human. Chances are you have a go-to coffee spot already. But is it the best coffee? There are so many great choices of coffee shops in New York that sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Here are some of the best coffee shops in the Financial District to get you started. When in need of coffee Financial district is a good place to be. 

Blue Stone Lane

Australian inspired Blue Stone Lane promises to bring an Aussie way of life to NYC.  If you are in need of a dose of quality coffee, and an escape from the grind, Blue Stone Lane ticks the boxes.  They also serve up what is arguably the highest quality espresso and brewed drinks in all of FiDi. As a bonus, you’ll love sitting in their repurposed art deco shop, which can be a nice change of scenery from the modern high rises surrounding the area. This Financial District coffee shop is the perfect place for an afternoon break. 


Need more than just great coffee? How about a side of chocolate? Fika is a Scandinavian outpost that offers everything you love: locally roasted coffee, Synesso espresso machines, and a super modern and sleek look that you wouldn’t expect. Bonus? It’s also a chocolatier. Get through your work week by treating yourself to a quality coffee and side of chocolate, or plan a lunch meeting and try their food menu.  

Cafe Grumpy

Aren’t we all a little grumpy before we have had our morning caffeine? Cafe Grumpy Financial District offers a variety of espresso, coffee, tea and pastries. This location is an ideal spot for an out of office meeting and their natural decor makes for a welcome contrast to a stale office environment. Voted by MR Porter as one of the 5 best places in the world to drink coffee, Cafe Grumpy had to be on our list of places to drink coffee in FiDi. 

Ground Central

Don’t be fooled by the name, Ground Central coffee can now be found in the Financial District. An authentic NYC coffee shop, Ground Central aims to fuel the city and ‘reflect the heart and soul of New York.’ Enjoy old school rock and roll tracks while drinking your cup of Joe. It may not be the best work away from work environment, but it is the ideal break spot to get you pumped before heading back to the office. 

Black Fox

Get a coffee, pull up a chair, put air pods in and get working. Black Fox Coffee Co. is the perfect location. Watch out Blue Stone Lane there is another Australian café in town and their cold brew coffee is to die for. Expertly crafted coffee and a friendly and tranquil environment makes Black Fox a good place to get some concentration work done. Crank through emails while you sip filter coffee. This will be your new coffee shop go to in FiDi. 

R&R Coffee

R&R is for when you want to get out of your office and work in a coffee shop for awhile. They have a ton of outlets and a wide range of coffee roasts so you can stay plugged in and charged (see what we did there?). Plus if you are feeling peckish grab a sandwich or pastry while you soak up the free WiFi. 

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Running late for work and need a good coffee to go? This well located coffee shop – set inside Fulton station – is a great place to pick up a drink on your daily commute. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters provides coffee lovers with an authentic NY brew.

Robusta Espresso Bar

Forget it’s namesake espresso and trust us when we say you’ll want to go with the nutella latte when you visit Robusta Espresso Bar. Enough said.

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