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A Quick Guide to Easy Office Moves

April 11, 2019 | by Jo Cipolla
Reviewed by real estate expert Michael Colacino

True: moving offices is stressful—especially because work related deadlines don’t just stop for moving day. Also true: You can eliminate some of the craziness. These ten simple steps will make the transition as seamless as possible.


1. Establish a relocation committee: Choose a manager with excellent organizational skills to act as the lead moving coordinator. Here’s the key though—make sure they are also a great delegator. Have them parse out the following to-dos to others on the committee. The stress will be split among many shoulders, and many people are now accountable for logistics.


2. Notify employees ASAP about the move: Even if you don’t have a detailed schedule set in stone, sending a general timeline of the move to the company will ensure everyone’s prepared for the big day. Provide instructions for packing and labeling boxes, as well as solutions for any anticipated challenges that might arise.


3. Anticipate lots of questions: Moving can be a confusing time. We recommend creating a separate email for the move so employees’ questions don’t get lost in the midst of day-to-day work. This email can easily be monitored by someone on the committee so responses are sent out quickly. Some employees may request a seating change or other amenities. Decide whether or not you’re going to accommodate these requests ahead of time and make sure the committee is on the same page.


4. Donate items you won’t use: Not only will you get a tax break, but you’ll also save on moving if you have to transport fewer boxes. If you’re planning on redecorating or upgrading technology, you might as well give any unwanted and unnecessary items before packing up. Put someone from the committee in charge of collecting and distributing all of the donations.


5. Decide on a moving company: It’s crucial that the moving company you choose is reliable and can be trusted. Ask your broker for suggestions—they’ve been through this before and will be able to provide a list of good options. At the same time, talk to your broker about whether an insurance policy is necessary.


6. Consider other professional services: Professional packers can help alleviate the stress of finding time to box everything up. They’ll make sure everything is labeled correctly and your electronics are safely packaged. A professional cleaning service can eliminate the risk of your old landlord charging cleaning fees after you move out. If you’re currently on or moving to a higher floor, you’ll definitely thank yourself for reserving the freight elevators ahead of time.


7. Become a local before moving in: Look through your list of current vendors and decide which ones will still be efficient to use at your new location. If you need to connect with new vendors, start the process earlier before you move in. Now’s the time to also send employees information about their new neighborhood. Let them know about lunch places within walking distance, nice restaurants for client dinners, nearby gyms and daycare centers, and public transportation routes that’ll get them to work and home the fastest.


8. Provide useful instructions for moving day: Including the new floor plan, how much space they’ll have for belongings, when they can unpack their individual working areas and the protocol for setting up their personal computers. Provide a way for them to easily dispose of all the boxes.


9. Update your contact information: Once you’re moved in, spread the word about your new location. Make sure to change your address on the company’s website, business cards, and any relevant social media accounts. Send out a change of address email to clients who frequently stop by.


10. Breathe: It will take time for everyone to fully settle in and for your new office to feel, hopefully, better than your old. But for the moment, everything’s unpacked, everyone’s working, and you can finally relax. That is, until your next deadline.


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