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Case Study: How Greatist found a great space with a tricky requirement

July 11, 2017 | by Brandon Carter
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Tootell

The Tenant

logo; Greatist

Greatist is a leading lifestyle and fitness platform.

The Challenge

When the creators at Greatist started looking for office space, they knew at least one requirement was non-negotiable.

As a leading health and wellness platform, food is a significant part of the Greatist equation. Experimenting with it, photographing it and enjoying it.

A full kitchen was a must.


Figure out what your non-negotiables are. For us we needed that full kitchen….We learned early on in our search that finding [one] isn’t easy..”

-Amanda Delaney, Head of People Operations, Greatist

The Solution: A Collaborative Brokerage

Greatist hit the market with their SquareFoot broker and their TourBook, a collaborative tool that keeps tenants and brokers aligned in real-time on the best spaces to tour and even helps with tour scheduling and note-taking.

While a number of otherwise perfectly suitable spaces featured wet bars and kitchenettes, a full kitchen was trickier to find than anticipated.

Fortunately, another SquareFoot broker, working a totally separate case, had some great intel; their client was vacating a SoHo office space at 30 Vandam Street that was the right size for Greatist and featured an eye-catching, full kitchen.

The best part? The space hadn’t officially hit the market yet.

An ideal situation for Greatist: a space meeting a major requirement was suddenly available, and there was little-to-no competition for it.

The two SquareFoot brokers collaborated and coordinated to show Greatist the space on short notice, and when it turned out to be the perfect fit, they ushered the deal across the finish line together.

At just about any other brokerage firm, where silos are the norm and earning commissions is the top priority, this inter-broker cooperation might not have happened at all.

The SquareFoot brokerage model is different. All the brokers work together, sharing market intel and servicing clients until they move into a space they love.

The New Office

Greatist is now happily located at 30 Vandam Street.

To take a look inside their space and how they use it, get a tour from Amanda herself.

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