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Preparing your company to move offices

May 5, 2017 | by Brandon Carter

Moving offices for any company is both stressful and exciting. With proper planning and communication, though, it can be more exciting than stressful. Here’s how.

Appoint a moving coordinator

Someone internally needs to lead the moving process to avoid chaos and confusion. Nominate an office manager, executive assistant or a similarly responsible person who excels with logistics and company-wide communication. They will need that skill set to organize a smooth transition to the new space.

Find movers

Your newly-appointed moving coordinator can lead the charge on finding a movers, but getting recommendations your broker or peers who have moved before is highly recommended.

Send clear moving instructions to employees

Communication is the key to a smooth transition when moving offices.

To start, every employee should know the moving date. To ensure that they do, send a company-wide calendar invitation and follow-up with frequent email communication. Try to keep communication short and crystal clear, starting with which items the moving company will pack, which items employees need to pack, and how to pack and label them.

photo; desk planner

Furthermore, send all employees the moving schedule. If the office is closing early to accommodate the move, for example, employees should know that. Similarly, employees should know the optimal arrival time at the new office.

Unpacking the new office

Of course, no move is complete without unpacking. Send clear instructions to employees regarding disposal of any cardboard boxes and the protocol for setting up computers and connectivity in the new office. Anticipate a lot of questions throughout the process and be patient; a week or longer to comfortably situation employees in the new space is normal.

Above all, enjoy your new home.

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