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8 podcasts every leader should know

Listen to these podcasts to become a stronger leader

June 19, 2019 | by Jo Cipolla

At SquareFoot, our repeat clients—that is, companies that keep outgrowing their space—are those with great leaders who never stop learning. As Phil Sofia, VP of Sales at SquareFoot, explains: “The best decision-makers are those who seek out new information and perspectives.” These 8 podcasts will motivate any growing company’s leader, whatever the goal for listening.  

1. If you’re wrestling with a particular challenge: Giants & Crowns

This podcast explores the traits of successful big wigs. “Giants” refers to the challenges each interviewee has overcome. “Crowns” nods to the lessons learned along the way. Guests have included our very own CEO, Jonathan Wasserstrum, as well as John Saroff of Chartbeat, Dig Inn’s Adam Eskin, and Juan Delfino of Hive.

Gateway episode: “Squarefoot (feat. Jonathan Wasserstrum)” 


2. If you want to up your—or your team’s—output: Beyond the To-Do List

Understand how to combat procrastination and perfectionism: develop the skills to reorganize your team’s schedule and better delegate tasks. Plus get insight into new ideas like “digital minimalism.”

episode: “The Meaning of Productivity: Mike Sturm on Being, Thinking, Doing”


3. If you need to spark your right brain: The Accidental Creative

Author, speaker and podcast host Todd Henry calls himself an “an arms dealer for the creative revolution.” He’s racked up millions of downloads from people who respect his clear vision on staying “prolific, brilliant and healthy”. He discusses workplace psychology, breaking into public speaking and passion projects.

episode: “Color Filter Theory”

4. If you want answers: Dear HBR

Perfectly embodying the phrase “There are no stupid questions,”
Harvard Business Review knows that behind every good leader are questions they need answered. The themed episodes (e.g., Working Mothers and Building Trust) feature exceptional leaders and come with a curated reading list of in-depth articles around the week’s topic.

episode: “Leading Small Teams”


5. If you want to improve your culture: Happier with Gretchen Rubin

At SquareFoot we know from experience that a positive workplace is crucial to success. The characteristics of leaders and their team members are central to achieving that positivity. Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin’s fascinating podcast defines tips for keeping yourself and others in a good frame of mind. But the real benefit for executives is that it’s also a sneaky primer on simpler and more satisfying decision making.

episode: “Don’t Overconsult”


6. If you need inspiration: The Growth Show

This HubSpot podcast explores great growth stories, be they businesses, ideas or movements. Most guests represent well-known disrupters: Arum Kang, who rejected Mark Cuban’s $30 million Shark Tank offer for her dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, Tina Sharkey, founder of Brandless, and Rand Fishkin, the brains behind Moz.

episode: “The Culture Code”


7. If you want better cocktail chatter: 99% Invisible

From classic cartoon sound effects to pockets, 99% Invisible shows how everyday items became to be. On the surface, it’s about fun facts. But underneath is a unique perspective on human psychology and needs.

episode: “Three Things That Made the Modern Economy”


8. If you want innovative solutions: WorkLife with Adam Grant

Best-selling organization psychologist Adam Grant gives you insight and inspiration into how the more creative professionals work. He tackles ordinary business topics through the lens of change-makers: Malcolm Gladwell, astronauts at the International Space Station, Trevor Noah, Pixar writer, animator, and director Brad Bird, and Olympic silver medalist Shalene Flanagan.

Gateway episode: “How to Love Criticism”

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