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Best in NYC Coffee: Episode 2 – Flatiron

Featuring some quirky neighborhood haunts

April 25, 2016 | by Nell Lanman
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Tootell

Flatiron isn’t exactly known as a haven of hip or a foodie’s dream, but it is at the heart of New York’s growing tech scene, which means hundreds of thousands of caffeine-craving zombies stalking its streets every day. In the coffee department, it doesn’t really have a choice other than to step up.

And step up it has. In addition to housing a number of familiar chains, Flatiron coffee shops feature some of the most unique uses of commercial space in the city.

So if you’re burnt out on Starbucks or simply looking for a new nook to escape to, check out four of the best Flatiron coffee shops in the neighborhood.

1. Brooklyn Roasting Company

One of the largest coffee shops in the neighborhood is possibly the easiest to miss. Located on a busy stretch of W 23rd St, Brookln Roasting Company’s Flatiron outpost is blessed with plenty of charm and even more space.

That’s because it occupies what looks like an Old Post office, with some historic fixtures still cemented in place. If you’re looking for sturdy blends or a place to meet up with an old colleague, Brooklyn Roasting Company won’t let you down.

Location: 50 W 23rd St

photo by Gevon Servo

photo by Gevon Servo

2. Toby’s Estate

Nestled in a giant Club Monaco on 5th Avenue, this Toby’s Estate is the most posh coffee option in Flatiron. Look no further than the all-white interior and the sleek La Marzocco Strada EP espresso machine for further evidence.

In fact, Toby’s Estate could lay claim to be Flatiron’s crown jewel(er) of coffee — it’s even crafted a custom Flatiron Blend to keep the clientele properly fueled throughout the week.

Given the allure of its retail component in Club Monaco and Strand Books, Toby’s Estate might prove a little distracting for a quick afternoon coffee break, but don’t let that stop you from dropping in on the way from lunch or killing time before meeting your friend after work.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration re: client entertainment, check out their Brew School classes.

Location: 160 5th Ave

3. Tacombi Café El Presidente

OK, we might be cheating a little to call Café El Presidente a “coffee shop,” but it does contain a proper coffee counter and as far as eccentricities goes, it’s tough to beat.

Located in the Tacombi on W 24th, Café El Presidente has the ‘ole “triple threat” going for it: made-to-order tacos, coffee from Chiapas ) for those who like their blends on the toasted, nutty side), and surprisingly sure-handed cocktails. For takeout, order from the bar to the left of the entrance and be on your way in minutes.

Location: 30 West 24th St

4. Joe’s Pro Shop

For you coffee gearheads out there, it’s hard to do better than Joe’s pro shop/hq. Here you can buy state of the art equipment and select from a rotating cast of domestic and international blends. Less a coffee shop than a coffee lab, it hits the spot all the same if you consider yourself a connoisseur.

Location: 131 W 21st St

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