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Best Lunch NYC: SoHo

Need a new lunch spot, but don't have time to pour over Yelp reviews to find the right one? We've got you covered.

April 2, 2016 | by Haley Walker

With a dizzying number of options for lunch in New York City, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. If you have an office in SoHo and don’t have time to pour over Yelp reviews looking for the perfect lunch-hour escape, this is the perfect post for you! From hidden gems to the most popular eats, we’re breaking down the best places for you to grab lunch in your neighborhood.

Kelley & Ping

Kelley & Ping serves up eclectic, tasty asian food to a customer base that includes artsy hipsters and upscale shoppers alike. During lunch time, food is served in a cafeteria-style setup. The staff is friendly and provides quick service, which is essential since its location among high-end shops on Greene St keeps the establishment busy. Standouts on the menu include the Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, and Bangkok Curry. The Asian Antipasto, consisting of a daily selection of three fresh vegetables, is also an excellent light option.

Location: 127 Greene St


Alidoro has a cult-like following, and we can certainly see why. The large sandwiches are made with heaping servings of only the best quality ingredients. Perhaps the highlight of this tiny-doored haunt, however, is the experience. Attitude is abound and a sarcastic staff are more than willing to take jabs at anyone who asks the wrong question (which is any question). A list of things not to ask for is posted on the counter and you’d be best to look at it, or fear the employee’s wrath. If you’re looking for a superb sandwich with a bit of a show to liven up your lunch hour, Alidoro is the place to go!

Location: 105 Sullivan St


This spin-off of Torrisi Italian Specialties is at its prime come lunchtime. Parm has a vintage coffee-shop look, but offers so much more. The menu consists of italian sandwiches, classic red-sauce dishes, and yummy snacks. It should come as no surprise that the favorite on the menu is the meatball parm, with the chicken parm being a triumph as well. Both are lathered in marinara sauce, encased in heaps of mozzarella cheese, and will require going through a large stack of napkins. Parm exceeds in providing comfort food in a way that makes you realize what you never knew you were missing.

Location: 248 Mulberry St


Meaning ‘Tasty’ in hebrew, Taim is a great option for a grab-and-go lunch. It’s even hailed as having some of the best falafel in New York City. Diners can choose from three different flavors of falafel to serve as the centerpiece of their pita sandwich. They can then dress it up with a wide selection of toppings including egg, feta cheese, and spicy peppers. For those looking for a slightly lighter lunch option, Taim also offers a nice selection of salads as well as a noteworthy smoothie bar that lets you create your own concoction or pick a pre-designed mix. For a mouthwatering middle eastern meal, head to Taim.

Location: 45 Spring St

Jack’s Wife Freda

For those lunch-goers looking for a sit-down option, Jack’s Wife Freda is at the top of the list. Serving up American-Mediterranean cuisine, this SoHo haunt has an effortless charm that makes you feel right at home from the second that you walk in. If you had any question about the quality of the food served here, the fact that the owners met while working together at Balthazar should help ease your mind. The menu somehow comes across as unique, yet not at all intimidating. Dishes like green shakshuka, while adventurous-sounding to many, are presented in an appealing way that will take you out of your comfort zone without even realizing it. Whether you’re eating alone or in a small group, Jack’s Wife Freda is always a good choice.

Location: 224 Lafayette St


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