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What is coworking?

As the office space industry has evolved, companies are no longer forced to choose between leasing expensive traditional space or working exclusively from home. In the past few decades, a... Read More

Sublet vs Sublease: What Is The Difference?

In the real estate market, you will sometimes hear the terms sublet and sublease in reference to a particular type of rental agreement. Considering the use of sublet vs sublease,... Read More

How to Get Out of a Commercial Lease, Pain-Free

It happens to the best of companies, both big and small, young and well-established. A year or two into a long-term lease and it feels like breaking your commercial lease... Read More

What is Commercial Real Estate Loss Factor?

Say you’re in the market for new office space, and you think you need to rent about 5,000 square feet of commercial space. You may end up paying for 7,000... Read More

What is a Full Service Gross Lease

In commercial real estate, a full service gross lease (which may also be called a full service lease, or a gross lease) is a lease agreement in which the tenant... Read More

Buildout Meaning in Commercial Real Estate

The buildout meaning, which is a term frequently used in commercial real estate, is not what you might assume at first glance. Buildout is not exactly the same as building.... Read More

What does LEED certified mean?

What does LEED certified mean? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, better known as LEED, is the premiere rating system for sustainable and “green” buildings. The program, which began in... Read More

A Renter’s Guide to Executive Suites [2020 Edition]

Updated December 2019 If you’re in the market for office space, you should learn about all of your options. Are you looking for Class A space? An executive suite setup?... Read More

A Guide to the Different Types of Commercial Leases

At first glance, projecting the cost for renting space in a commercial building may seem pretty straightforward. Once you and your team decide on a commercial space to lease, you... Read More

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Reduce your existing commercial real estate spend during COVID-19.

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