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Resources for finding and renting commercial space

The difference between a Tenant and Listing Broker

Last updated 8th October 2019 In commercial real estate the listing broker represents the interests of the building owner or landlord through the leasing process. That includes the marketing of... Read More

Exclusive Broker Agreements: should you sign one?

Once you find a tenant broker,  at some point they may ask you to sign an exclusive broker agreement to represent you going forward. Should you sign it? Naturally, signing any agreement... Read More

3 questions to ask your Tenant Broker up front

After payroll, commercial is typically the second biggest expense for your company. Your lease isn’t just another line item; it’s key to the long term success of your company. Here... Read More

The Triple Net Lease: Why is it So Popular?

Updated May, 2018 Triple net leases are widely popular among commercial real estate landlords, and as you search for your next office space, you’re sure to come across this type... Read More

What does “Base Year” mean and how does it influence rental costs?

The “base year” is generally the first year of a commercial rental period that sets a precedent for how much tenants will pay for building expenses for each subsequent year.... Read More

What is an “Anchor Tenant?”

When a familiar or impressive name is associated with something, people become more interested in it. When it comes to real estate, this “cool by association” principle manifests itself in... Read More

What is a “Good Guy Guarantee?”

So you found the found the right office space for your business, and you’re ready to sign the lease. Great! When you read the fine print on a commercial real... Read More

How to Submit a Commercial Letter of Intent

Last updated 20th August 2019. New York office space is a competitive market. If you find office space you like, even if you’re not sure it’s “the one,” you should... Read More

Should you use a Tenant Broker to negotiate a lease renewal?

While talking to businesses all over the city about finding commercial space, a question that regularly pops up is whether or not to use the services of a tenant brokers when negotiating lease... Read More

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