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Open Office Hacks: 4 Ways Partitions Transform Your Office for the Better

April 28, 2017 | by Brandon Carter

Like it or not, the open office is here to stay. Too much effiency and a lack of better alternatives have made it so. But that doesn’t mean your team is stuck in a nosiy pool of borderless, unproductive space.

In this post, we’ll focusing on how to use partitions to alleviate some of the well-known problems with open office environments.


Chalkboard partitions at the offices of Bubble in Prague have multipurpose function.

Chalkboard partitions at the offices of Bubble in Prague have multipurpose function.

Use Open Office Partitions As Writing Surfaces

At the offices of content agency Bubble, in Prague, chalkboard partitions double as writing surfaces for brainstorming and internal marketing messages. Each is suspended from a pulley that may be adjusted for height.


Columns don't have to be open office nemeses.

Columns don’t have to be open office nemeses.

How to Design Around Columns

Necessary as structural support, columns can no less pose some challenges to space allocation and design. Design firm Thirdway Interiors tackles them head on, using adjoining partions to form breakout spaces on the floor of Xero’s London office.


Office Space Odd Couple: Wood & Carpet

Wood and carpet combine in a surprising way to give Paris’s oldest insurance company a modern home. The wood partitions pictured above occur frequently throughout the office to designate various work space, from conference rooms to team pods.


Double-duty Office Plants

The Day One offices in New York use plants for more than holistic decoration; they also serve as the dominant component in partitions stationed throughout the floor. The result is an office that’s still open but calm and semi-private.

Looking for tips on how to optimze your space? Ask me @brandedcarter and I’ll get you an expert opinion.


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