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Product Update: The New SquareFoot Experience

A central hub to manage your office space search

October 11, 2017 | by
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Tootell

At SquareFoot, we are committed to building the best platform for our clients to manage their office space search. Today, we are thrilled to release the next version of our SquareFoot platform, which serves as the central hub for your office space search. With this new platform, you can search listings based on specific needs and manage every aspect of the search in one place, from the web or the SquareFoot app.

With the expertise of managing over 500 transactions, we have rebuilt the experience based on what clients need most. Now, your SquareFoot experience is front and center and it’s easier than ever to find and secure the space that you are looking for.

What’s new:

Let us know what you’re looking for by filling out our office space quiz


View and save listings that match your requirements


Review your curated collection of listings provided by your SquareFoot broker and select the spaces you would like to tour


Take notes, photos, and videos of spaces that you tour, share them with your partners, and communicate with your broker


Tour the new experience:

This product update is the latest example of our dedication to making your commercial real estate search on SquareFoot more rewarding, relevant, organized, and accessible. And this is just the start. We are constantly exploring new ways to evolve our platform, ensuring every one of our clients has an exceptional experience.

Check out the new SquareFoot experience and start your office space search today.




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