Reduce your existing commercial real estate spend during COVID-19.

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finding & leasing office space

9 Questions To Ask When Leasing Office Space

Whether you’re experiencing the office space market for the first time or you’ve moved your business before, you need to ask the right questions about your long and short-term goals... Read More

How and Why to Sublease Your Office Space

If you’re renting office space but not using all of it for your business, why let it go to waste? Much like apartment renters use Airbnb to rent out their... Read More

How to Distinguish Among Class A, Class B, and Class C Buildings (2020 Edition)

Knowing the differences among Class A, Class B, and Class C office buildings will help you narrow down your search for new office space. Though determining building classifications isn’t an... Read More

Houston’s Bright Future in Coworking

With the global need for concerted environmentalism in the face of accelerating climate change, many wonder how cities like Houston, whose economic prosperity has largely depended on the oil and... Read More

How to make employees feel good about an office move

Change can be unsettling, especially if you’re acclimatizing to someplace new.  “We spend a third of our lives at work, so of course a location change will impact employees,” says... Read More

Five ways to turn your company’s office space search from chore to triumph

So you’ve been tasked with finding your company a new space. Congratulations! You’re now in a position to help your growing company and demonstrate what a real problem-solver you are.... Read More

An Analysis of Amazon’s Impact on Long Island City’s Office Space Market

With Amazon pulling out of New York’s Long Island City as one of the locations for its highly-anticipated HQ2, many are lamenting the loss of more than 27 billion dollars... Read More

10 surprising questions to ask before leasing a new office space

When looking for a new workplace, companies tend to focus on the actual office space. But anyone who has endured an endless morning elevator wait knows that the building itself... Read More

Why most companies overpay for office space—and how not to

Here’s a commercial real estate riddle: Why must a company pay for 7,000 square feet of office space when it only needs 5,000? If you answered “loss factor,” well, congratulations,... Read More

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Reduce your existing commercial real estate spend during COVID-19.

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