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Materialize Logo Finding a space for collaboration & growth

Interior shot of Materialize office

When we connected with NYC-based B2B SaaS company Materialize, they had just raised a round of capital and were looking for a space to accommodate their next stage of growth. They were working out of a coworking space but sought a larger office they could customize to reflect their brand identity.

Materialize was looking for a contemporary, loft-style office with lots of collaboration space — they wanted the space to feel inviting and comfortable, and to empower employees to get the most out of time spent with colleagues. Still, they recognized the need for space dedicated to heads-down work, so they also wanted enough space for desks and phone booths. They needed to move quickly, with a timeline of 4 months to find and secure a space, and they had a fixed budget.

Through a quick Google search, Materialize found SquareFoot and were promptly connected with SquareFoot brokers Paul Revson and Joe Speck.

Materialize's new NYC office

  1. 01

    Airy, modern space in the heart of Noho

  2. 02

    15,000 square feet with ample collaboration space

  3. 03

    Customized to align with their brand identity

Blending tech and know-how to find the perfect space — fast!

With SquareFoot’s proprietary technology, Paul and Joe were able to accelerate the process to accommodate Materialize’s timeline. Joe identified the listing for what would become their new office on a Thursday, and by Friday afternoon, they were touring the space.

The office was a perfect match for Materialize, aligning with the team’s desired look and feel. One of the most competitively-priced spaces in Noho, it also fit neatly within their budget. Paul and Joe worked quickly to secure the space and negotiate favorable lease terms. They were able to obtain a sizeable cash contribution from the landlord that went toward space renovations. (See before and after photos below!)

The Before & After: Transforming Materialize's new space

  1. Before renovations

    Entryway of Materialize office before renovations

  2. After renovations

    Entryway of Materialize office after renovations

A space to call home

Previously a team of fewer than 15 employees, Materialize has grown to a team of 60+ since moving into their space. With their new office, they’re able to continue to scale comfortably and cultivate a collaborative, engaged team culture. They love the lively, hip, and central neighborhood, which has no shortage of after-work dinner and happy hour spots.

Materialize is thrilled to have this new space to call their own!

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