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What Are The Benefits Of A Fully Furnished Office Space In Houston?

March 25, 2021 | by Viveka Krishnaswamy
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Wasserstrum

Finding move-in-ready office space for rent in a city as large as Houston offers a number of benefits besides saving you the effort of furniture shopping. When you search for a move-in-ready, furnished workspace for rent, you might not realize that for some office spaces, “furnished” indicates the availability of other desirable amenities.

For instance, some of these offices have water, electricity, and other utilities already connected and included in the price. Other such workspaces might include a kitchen or janitorial services as part of the rent, along with other office amenities like access to high-speed WiFi or other technology. Some choice locations offer access to common areas, meeting rooms or conference centers, garden space, or even event space that you can reserve as needed.

Whether you’re seeking a Houston coworking space or a traditional private office, a furnished workspace offers several advantages. Here are just a few that Houston businesses can enjoy.


This type of office space is all set for you to move in. That’s the most obvious benefit, but it’s worth emphasizing. Just as consumers prefer turnkey-ready homes that don’t need a lot of repairs, businesses also appreciate skipping the hassle of renovating, refurbishing and adapting a new site to their needs. For starters, you don’t have to get quotes from moving companies, have your team pack everything, and arrange for pickup and setup.

By supplying all the desks, tables, and communal furnishings to outfit each private office, open seating area, and shared meeting space, this type of workspace takes another enormous task off your to-do list when you move to a new office location. You also won’t have to take measurements of the space and shop for furniture that suits your office’s dimensions, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

A well-furnished rental workspace should be respectable and a place you can be proud to show your clients or stakeholders. It won’t have outdated, tired, or cheap-looking furniture, either. A reputable landlord or leasing agent wants happy clients and good word of mouth, so they’re not going to set aside an old dining table with an odd assortment of small chairs and call it a conference room. Your private offices should have nice-quality (though perhaps generic) executive furnishings.

Cost Savings

In addition to saving on the cost of hiring movers and buying furnishings, move-in ready professional offices will often remove the overhead expenses of installation and upgrades. You won’t have to shell out for construction on the space or hire an electrician to upgrade old outlets. That’s more money in your budget for other business expenses.

This type of office space also means that you won’t have to worry about items getting damaged in relocation. While that’s a potentially small expense, it’s also one less issue to consider while you’re relocating from one building to another.

A Professional Impression

Interior designers tend to have a hand in creating these rental office spaces to attract the types of tenants who are willing to pay for professional-looking spaces, rooms, and suites. That means that all the fixtures and artwork should coordinate with the furnishings — even in the meeting rooms and private offices — to present your business in the best light. The floor should have an attractive carpet or flooring, and the common areas such as the mail center or an entry lobby off the street should have professional decor. This will give off a professional impression to clients and job candidates that come through your door, enhancing your business’s credibility.

Enhanced Productivity

Whether you have a coworking space or a more traditional workspace, your employees will feel refreshed and productive once they see offices all set up and ready to work in. Everything in its place helps employees focus on their jobs at hand instead of having to spend time getting settled.

Having the space prepared when you move in also adds an extra layer of safety. Even in a flexible office environment, you don’t want your employees stepping over wires, working around contractors with paint or power tools, or maneuvering to a temporary meeting room until the real one gets set up. It’s ideal to go to work without these other distractions.

Complimentary Services and Amenities

If your offices include receptionist services and a wireless network, this will save you money on staffing and installation. But fully serviced offices also might include amenities and services such as:

  • conference call setups
  • in-house printers, scanners, phone lines, or other electronics
  • a kitchen or break room supplied with tea, coffee, and water
  • janitorial staff and other support staff for minor repairs

Depending on the building’s size, you also might be able to negotiate, in the terms of the lease, access to a conference room on another floor or use of private rooms for certain offices.

A Safe Location

When you’re establishing an office in a new Houston neighborhood, you might not be fully aware of what the surrounding neighborhood is like or whether it’s a safe, comfortable location for your staff. However, the increased popularity of furnished offices (especially those offered by coworking providers) means that they are generally located in high-traffic, desirable areas, such as Greenway Plaza and Downtown Houston. Additionally, this type of office space often includes security to protect the workers as they are coming and going each day.

These spaces also have a lot to offer, depending on their general locations. Think coworking setups near METRO stations or with parking for employees, as well as shopping and dining areas for networking and socializing during lunch or after work.

The Right Square Footage

When searching for the ideal office space, you sometimes find something that’s not quite right. A large company might notice that some of the rooms are too small to be of practical use. Maybe the office space lacks a kitchen, or it’s located on another floor. Perhaps there aren’t any suites, private offices, or common areas. Then again, maybe there are too many for the size of your business or your budget.

Furnished, ready-to-occupy offices come in different sizes and price ranges, so you’re sure to find rooms that fit your needs. They are designed with the needs of tenants in mind. Flexibility in square footage and commercial real estate pricing is definitely a key advantage of this type of lease.

Flexible Terms

Renting a fully-equipped office space also gives you other options. Maybe you have office space that’s just perfect, but it’s not prepared for your team just yet. Or perhaps you own a startup that needs a place to get right to work, and you plan to expand to another site as the business grows.

With this type of office space for rent, you can often decide just what you need and for how long. Talk with your broker about the length of time you require space for so that they’ll be able to find you the right solution for your needs, whether temporary or longer-term. It could be a short-term office sublease or a coworking office — furnished, flexible offices come in a variety of forms.

If you’re looking to find furnished, affordable office space for rent in the Houston area, we’re here to help. Contact us today.

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