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Desk Decor Ideas to Spice up Your Workspace

August 16, 2017 | by Jenni Klauder
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Tootell

Updated April, 2018

Our workspace desks are supposed to inspire us, and keep us organized and neat. Yet too often, desks become an endless pit of random crap. Luckily, there’s no better time than now to reinvigorate yourself with a desk makeover. Check out our tips to make the most of your desk space!

Go Green

It’s easy for your desk to appear dull and lifeless, but chances are you’ll have enough room to add a small plant or two. Plants such as succulents require minimum attention and care. Plus, they’re not just pretty to look at: they actually impact your wellbeing, just as much as sunlight or a window with a view! Adding green foliage to your desk is a surefire way to elevate your workspace and improve your mood.

Take Note

Say goodbye to the clutter of endless post-it notes all over your desk, and invest in a notebook instead. Write to-do lists, and have the satisfaction of physically crossing items off, or simply brainstorm new ideas. Computer screens can’t replace the feel and flexibility of old fashioned pen and paper. Not only will it help to organize your desk by putting everything in one place, but a notebook with fun designs will also jazz up your workspace!

Don’t Get Burnt Out

We cannot overestimate the effect that great lighting can have on your space. Adding a task lamp to your workspace will make your desk feel warmer, and make your eyes feel less strained. And with so many designs (vintage, mid-century modern, contemporary, etc.) it’s an easy way to personalize your workspace that only utilizes a small footprint.

Organize It

There’s no way around it — a messy desk undermines our persistence and ability to focus. Unfortunately, you start accumulating loose items at your desk, it becomes increasingly difficult to get back to a blank canvas.

The best option is to stop messes before they start with some desk organizers and storage containers. You’ll be surprised how much calmer and more relaxed you’ll feel when everything on your desk has a place. Finding a way to sort everything on your desk will ensure organization, productivity and most importantly, better well-being. Poppin has tons of great options for storage containers, and they’ll even add a POP of color to your desk! A small filing cabinet under your desk can also go a long way toward ensuring you have a distraction-free workspace to come to each day.

Accessorize It

In the world of the open office, it can be hard to personalize your workspace. Even something as small as a mug, toy car, photo, or figurine will have a serious impact and brighten up your mood when your eyes catch a glimpse of it!


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