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Would You Work Less for Less? The Debate Over Flexible Work Hours

April 28, 2017 | by Brandon Carter

It’s the ultimate question in today’s workplace zeitgeist: What are you willing to give up for more time off?

Amazon is eager to find out, with a pilot flex program offering employees 30-hour workweeks at 75% of normal salary (but all their full-time benefits).

It’s debatable how progressive Amazon’s new program really is. After all, this is a company that has struggled with perception of its workplace culture in the recent past. And as’s cofounder Joe Rubin points out, Amazon is merely offering people less pay for less work. Is that really so revolutionary?

In today’s workplace climate, where people feel stretched beyond their capacity, yes.

Right alongside minimal wage growth, excessive work hours and an inflexible work schedule are among the top five reasons people quit their jobs, according to a recent Ernst and Young study.  That same study found that among managers, a workweek in excess of 40 hours was the norm.

Would you be willing to give up a little pay for a more flexible work schedule?

The Survey

How much import do you place on the PTO and flexible work hours offered in your current job? If you have 60 seconds, your anonymous input can play a part in shaping how employers view their policies going forward.

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