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Inside Industrious

Designed by Industrious

December 20, 2018 | by Tim Gerber

Office Spotlight: 1722 Routh St

In 2017, Industrious designed a new coworking space in Dallas. We loved their design and reached out to learn more about this space.


What’s the first thing someone would notice in this office?


The Dallas office has a unique, welcoming design that draws on inspiration from the local Dallas community. It feels like a boutique hotel – and features several open, common areas.

The office is located in One Arts Plaza,  a standalone high rise in the Dallas Arts District, which is well known for its color changing light square. It’s located on the 9th floor and overlooks all of the Arts District so you get 360 views of the Downtown and neighboring communities.


What does this office say about your company?


Industrious has a diverse member community spanning a wide variety of industries and company sizes. Our design is elegant, yet understated, allowing each individual company to shine through.


Describe the layout of this office. How does this office design encourage creativity, productivity, and team happiness?


The Dallas office features floor to ceiling windows which allows natural light to flow through the space at all times and stimulate productivity and happiness. The design is layered and detailed in purposeful ways so our members can be confident in getting their best work done. Like our other offices, we designed this Dallas location with an understated aesthetic to support a diverse community and give each member the opportunity to project their personality and brand.


What does the space do best?


The Industrious workspace is a place that our members feel excited and proud to work every day. Our common area always has a quiet buzz where members can be productive, while also having space to share ideas and network with others in the community.


What went into choosing the colors and materials for the office’s decor?


Our interiors are inspired by concept imagery such as historical landscapes, and Dallas is no different. Our office has a unique rope detailing across the ceiling to create a sense of depth to the space. You’ll notice a theme in all of our offices that we use raw materials like marble, concrete, brass, and wood.

All Industrious offices are designed to create a welcoming environment using a warm and neutral color palette and highlighted by soft and natural light. We try to be honest with the existing architecture where possible and build upon it with materials we believe have a timeless quality.


What is your favorite part of this office?


The cafe lounge – it’s a central axis in our Dallas office space with high energy, geared towards socialization and group work. The lounge style seating provides an opportunity to collaborate in a more comfortable, casual environment.  

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