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New flexible office space solutions by SquareFoot

February 6, 2019 | by
Reviewed by real estate expert Michael Colacino

The growth of the tech industry has dramatically impacted the economy, public policy, and how businesses operate. While a little later to the party than other industries, the effects of these changes have begun to disrupt the traditional commercial real estate process.

At the core of this is the acceleration of the average business lifecycle. Companies are rising and falling faster than ever before, making long-term projections on head count more fluid and unreliable than ever before.

While demand for flexible office space has grown, the commercial real estate industry is still stuck in the past. Landlords often demand 5-10 year leases from venture-backed companies with wildly unpredictable trajectories. And the few flexible office options that are available are among the most expensive in the city.

With this in mind, SquareFoot is excited to announce our newest office space solution – FLEX by SquareFoot. It is designed around the needs of businesses that want to choose from traditional office space options but do not want to be tied to a 5-10 year lease.

Unlike other flexible office space options, FLEX by SquareFoot gives businesses access to flexible leasing options in any building in the city. We operate as your business partner and advocate, not your landlord. We can also set up and manage services that are offered by co-working providers.

Business success can be attributed to happy employees who love going to work every day and having an office space that evokes the culture of the business is key for many tenants. FLEX by SquareFoot enables us as a company to serve the needs of the market without taking on upfront risks of surplus office space and hoping you grow into it. This solution operates on a customer-first approach, putting the tenant at the center of the process and working around their requirements.

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