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8 Tips for Better Office Security

Get better office security by following these simple steps.

April 28, 2017 | by Nell Lanman
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Wasserstrum

If you’re moving into a new office space make sure you’re happy with the level of office security that the building offers. Office spaces are renowned for being targets of theft and are liable to security threats. Here are 8 ways to get better office security.

How can office security be improved?

1. Security guards

When looking for a new office space, or moving into a new office building consider whether you need 24 hour security. The presence of a guard at the front desk of a building makes for better office security, deterring intruders from trying to gain access.

2. Brief employees on how to maintain security in the workplace.

You may have good office security but it only takes one employee to compromise office space safety. Beyond security measures for the office itself, employees should be made aware of how to better office security when in the workplace. Here are some simple security measures to remind colleagues:

  • Lock up if you are the last person in the office.
  • Keep the doors locked after hours.
  • Don’t leave personal belongings on show.
  • Secure all confidential files.
  • Where possible lock computer equipment down or away.
  • Ensure visitors are supervised.

3. Office space access

As with many companies in NYC, they share an office building with other businesses. This means that companies require better office security for the space that they occupy. Some companies keep doors locked at all times.

Employees are provided with key cards to gain access to areas of the office. This means all visitors must be announced, and guest passes may need to be provided. The added benefit of key cards is that they can double up as identity badges. What better way to improve office security than to have employees recognizable by their name and photograph on their office access cards.

4. Label your office equipment

Keep valuable office equipment secure by giving all items an identification number. Keep a list of the ID numbers somewhere safe incase you need to report them to the police or an insurance company. This especially goes for office laptops, you never know when an employee may leave a laptop on a train or plane. Labelling the items will help identify lost or stolen equipment.

5. CCTV cameras

Installing CCTV cameras is an easy way to increase office security. Simply adding cameras at the entrance of your office, whether that is the entrance to the building or the office space itself, will not only deter intruders but will monitor all comers and goers to your space. You can decide whether the footage needs to be monitored live, or recorded to view at a later date.

6. Alarm systems

Improve office security by alarming all the doors and windows of your office space. Motion sensors are a popular way to detect unwanted movement or glass breaking. Some alarm systems set off a loud noise if there is a break-in while others remain silent, sending a notification directly to security or the emergency services to respond. In NYC office spaces having a loud alarm going off could result in complaints from nearby residents. Having a silent signal direct to the police likely provides a better solution.

7. Get an office space robot

Somewhere between an office manager and onsite security is the Cobalt, an office space robot that doesn’t really look or behave like our preconceptions of robots. The Cobalt is a roaming monitor that reports when things in the office are out of place; that could be an unexpected visitor, a leak in the ceiling or a rat scurrying the halls. The robot comes with software that personnel like the office manager can use to receive and act on alerts in real time, even if they’re not in the office.

8. Regular security checks

Once you have improved security be sure to regularly check all security systems and revisit security measures with employees. In addition ensure that the monitoring of your systems and entry points is up and running effectively.

Watch the Cobalt roam the office and interact with people.

Last updated on August 29th 2019

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