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Office Space of the Week: How to Solve the Wall Art Problem for the Office

April 2, 2017 | by Brandon Carter

Here’s something that’s easy to take for granted in office space:

The art on the walls.

How on earth do people choose the artwork for their office? While even a limited selection of art is certainly preferable to bare white walls, is it worth the expense to opt for quality? Will anyone really even notice?

The Rothko painting in Bert Cooper's office caused quite a stir on Mad Men.

The Rothko painting in Bert Cooper’s office caused quite a stir on Mad Men.

For Paperless Post, the online stationary platform founded by siblings James and Alex Hirschfeld, that’s something of a moot point.

Armed with designs straight from the Paperless Post platform, Homepolish designer Tina Apostolu found an elegant, not to mention brand centric, solution to the problem of wall art in Paperless Post’s headquarters at 115 Broadway.

If Paperless Post trafficked in Hallmark cards, applying this kind of touch to the office design might be a little saccharine, but alas, the palate to choose from is understated, charismatic, and recognizably Paperless Post.


Why stop at tastefully framed prints on the odd wall here or there? The most idiosyncratic touch to the Paperless Post office has to be the wallpapered conference rooms. Unsurprisingly, it works better than it has any right to.

Seriously, what should I do about office art?

Since most of us don’t have the luxury of relying on our own product to spruce up the office, the question of how to deck the walls isn’t so easily answered.

One intriguing solution: If you want to impress clients, investors and talent with your chic sensibility but can’t imagine coughing up thousands on quality prints and paintings, you can always rent them.

Try services like TurningArt to work with a curator and rent online.

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