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Why we launched FLEX by SquareFoot

June 12, 2019 | by
Reviewed by real estate expert Michael Colacino

Earlier today, we officially announced the rollout of FLEX by SquareFoot — a new option for growing companies seeking their next office space in New York City, with lease terms that work for them. With FLEX, long gone are the days when a 5+ year commitment on an office space is a requirement. Now, people can pick the offices they want along with the terms they want.

SquareFoot focuses on serving the commercial real estate needs of growing companies. We know that flexibility is at the top of many CEO’s’ priority lists when it comes to their office space — it’s a challenge for these business owners to predict what their headcount will be just a few years down the line. FLEX opens up the opportunity for them to make better decisions around what’s best for their companies today and tomorrow.

At the close of a FLEX lease term, whenever it is, SquareFoot will turn to its roster of prospective clients and identify the right next company to move into the vacated office. As one company outgrows an office, it’ll open up the chance for another to enjoy the lease flexibility that comes with the space. These spaces will be exclusively available for SquareFoot clients.

In addition, since we know that moving can be a stressful event, we also offer with FLEX a turnkey experience. You can opt to have furniture, IT services, office management, and more taken care of to make the office transition as painless as possible. With that, FLEX is the latest solution SquareFoot has developed to make our clients’ lives that much simpler — to help entrepreneurs and executives breathe a little easier, and to foster a work environment to be proud of.

Find out how FLEX by SquareFoot solved the needs of New York-based pet food startup, Ollie. Read the customer case study.

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