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Adding Color to Your Workspace

August 31, 2017 | by Jenni Klauder
Reviewed by real estate expert Jonathan Wasserstrum


We all know that office walls can be a bit dull. While certainly safe choices, white walls with neutral-colored furniture often feel lackluster and void of personality. You’ll be surprised how much some pops of color will impact your space, and foster creativity and collaboration.

Check out our tips for helping your office go from drab to fab!

1. Company Colors

Not sure where to start when adding color? Look no further than your own brand. Oftentimes, your logo and brand colors will already have a fun color palette, so why not integrate them into your office design?

The branding for Venmo and Casper, both based in Manhattan, use a brilliant blue. Each company incorporates that blue throughout their office:

Incorporating color can be as simple as adding fun-colored pillows or an accent rug, or…

2. Brightly Colored Furniture

Datadog HQ in New York City

Datadog HQ in New York City

In addition to brightening up your space, furniture in playful colors will also brighten up your mood, thereby improving your work ethic! Adding accent furniture like this is an easy way to make a big statement. Nothing drab about these offices!

3. Colored Floors

Cytracom Offices – Dallas, TX

If accent furniture pieces aren’t quite your thing, keep them in the whites and neutrals, and reserve the color pop for the floors instead! This goes beyond your basic accent rug. Go crazy with fun carpets, or even paint the floors!

4. Graphic Walls

Painting a solid color on an accent wall in your office can go a long way, but why not go one step further with a graphic mural?

Graphic murals can range from geometric:

Team 8 Offices – Tel Aviv

to organic:

Microsoft Offices – Nashville

Murals like these are perfect for implementing your company’s personality and values within the space itself.

Be sure to check out the amazing custom murals at SiteCompli and Updater!

5. Art Prints

A paint job not in the cards for your office space? Spice up your walls with colorful art prints instead!

Make visitors do a double-take, and turn your office into an art gallery. It’s a surefire way to make those walls pop!


Did we miss anything? Tweet @TheSqFt with your favorite ideas for adding color to your workspace!

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