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Workspace Spotlight: SiteCompli

45 West 25th St

May 2, 2017 | by Jenni Klauder
Reviewed by real estate expert Michael Colacino

If you haven’t heard of SiteCompli yet, you soon will: SiteCompli helps property owners and managers take control of building operations through automation. Sure enough, as one of the fastest-growing companies in real estate tech, it has slick office space to match.

Taking up almost 11,000 square feet in the Flatiron District, SiteCompli’s contemporary office is a genuine reflection of who they are as employees and as a company.

photo; site compli's office space

Quirky Office Space at 45 West 25th St


Describe the layout of your office. How does the office design encourage creativity, productivity, and team happiness?


Our office is open, creative, and a little bit quirky, just like our staff. We’ve managed to divide one big floor into several different sections, designed to fit the different needs of our team.

Carving out nooks and crannies for more private, independent work and strategically placing specific departments around the office (Sales, CS, and Marketing sit together, for example) has helped us collaborate more efficiently without drowning out other teams and staff members. We’re also big fans of our conference room table made out of Legos and our NYC mural wall (featuring a few hidden superheroes).
photo; Site Compli's Office Space Conference Table

photo; Site Compli's office mural


Stepping in to your office for the first time, what’s the first thing someone would notice? And what does it say about your company culture and values?


The first thing you’ll notice is that our reception area is completely open— no desks, no blocked-off walls. Just an inviting lounge area for guests to relax in, and enjoy some of our complimentary snacks and coffee while they wait.

Whether it’s feedback, ideas, or projects, we’re all about sharing at SiteCompli, and we want guests to be a part of that.


What does your space do best?


Our space perfectly captures the energy of the SiteCompli team. It’s bright and flexible, and helps us collaborate.

For example, our casual greeting area transforms into an 80-person Town Hall meeting space in minutes. Having that flexibility helps us do more together, and create space that’s great for work and for our monthly Libation League gatherings.

photo; Site Compli's Office Space Lounge

office; Site Complie's office ping pong table


If you could change something about your workspace, what would it be?


We could never have too many conference rooms or meeting spaces. Cross-departmental collaboration is so important to us, and finding the space for small-to-large group meetings, workshops, and sprints is critical.

photo; Office Compli's office meeting space


How does your space handle the issue of privacy, for those who need it at certain times?


We’ve been able to incorporate quieter areas and lounges for folks who want to work more privately, or need a change of scenery from their deskspace. This is in addition to our smaller conference and call rooms, which can be booked by any member of our team at any time.

We also provide complimentary noise-canceling headphones to our team, so they can get a sense of privacy even when they’re at their desk pod.

photo; Site Compli's private office space


How long have you been in this space? Where was your office before that?


We’ve been in this space for just about two years, and we moved here from a few blocks away on 21st Street. Our last office had less meeting space, less private areas, and less space in general. We learned a lot from our last office, and were able to implement a lot of our team feedback into this space.

Giving and accepting feedback is a core SiteCompli value, so it’s important that we keep an open dialogue as we grow in numbers and in square footage.


What’s the best part about the surrounding neighborhood?


SiteCompli is home to several foodies and adventurous eaters, so being in a great neighborhood with varied dining options was highly important. We also wanted to make sure that team members from all boroughs and nearby states had an easy commute.

Not to mention, it’s pretty awesome that we’re located in the heart of Silicon Alley, surrounded by other innovators in tech.

photo; Site Compli's office space

Photographer: Marietta Leung

Design: d.m.teriors, Inc.

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