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Office Pets: Merely the Latest Trend or Here to Stay?

April 28, 2017 | by Brandon Carter

Though not accompanied by any official announcement, TheSquareFoot does in fact have an office pet. His name is Riz and he is a star-in-the-making. Look at that face.


photo; Riz, company dog


In one of 2016’s most prevailing trends, what might have been unthinkable or a novelty ten, twenty years ago is fast becoming a norm, especially at startups.

The wider acceptance of pets as invaluable ingredients in office culture can be traced to a wider trend happening across American workspaces.  Allowances like this do more than grant personality to workspace or make it more fun.

It explicitly creates a more comforting, home-like environment.

If working-from-home has been the most meaningful corporate trend of the last five years, will nesting-at-work define the next five? If so, get used to the doe-eyed visitor curling up under your desk.


Pet-Friendly Office Protocol

Personalized dog food startup Ollie has some tips on how to transition to a pet-friendly office policy that works for everyone.

Their suggestion? First assess whether your workspace can accomodate a roaming animal in the first place. You should also make sure your daily schedule is flexible enough to walk your dog regularly and that no one in the office has any major reservations about an office pet, like serious allergies or other concerns.

You can find a complete list of their recommendations here.

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