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What is a Good Guy Guarantee and is it Good or Bad for Tenants?

In New York commercial real estate, landlords commonly ask tenants to agree to a “Good Guy Guarantee” clause in the lease. What is it? Essentially, the good guy guarantee is... Read More

Infographic: How Much Does Company Culture Really Matter?

Company culture. Perks. To the jaded professional, these can seem like cheap bouqets designed to placate and distract employees from other, more serious company deficiencies, like secretly Draconian management or quietly failing business. In reality, there’s seldom... Read More

Why Your Company Needs In-Office Meditation

It seems like an oxymoron. How can a meditation practice exist in the busiest of workplaces? Taking time out of your crazy schedule to sit and do…nothing? This time last... Read More

Why Your Company Needs a Book Club

The idea to start a company book club didn’t come out of thin air. It came from a desire, nay need, to really grow and learn as a team. Besides... Read More

Articles to Keep Handy

6 Secrets to Finding NYC Office Space

If you’re shopping around for NYC office space, you may have noticed something; it’s even harder than finding an apartment. How are you supposed to know which size is the... Read More

What’s Next for Coworking?

Coworking as we know it is changing. In fact, it might have already changed. For a time, the practicality and efficiency of shared office space at a price lower than most... Read More

How to Pick the Right Location for Your New Office

Something you read about with more fequency now is companies (especially in tech) choosing to make a statement with the location of their new office. Not the office space itself. The... Read More

Corporate Art Walk: DOC’s Midtown Meltdown at 1001 6th Avenue

Perhaps it’s time to give corporate lobby art its due. Perfectly straddling the line between low and high brow art (maybe “no brow?”), the prints, sculptures and paintings adorning lobbies... Read More

The Complete Guide to Hygge for the Office

Like KonMari before it, a new word has entered the lexicon that perfectly describes the balm busy working professionals need right now. Hygge (pronounced “hue-gah”). In fact, the art of tidying up... Read More

5 Signs It’s Time to Move Your Business to Brooklyn

While most of the lore in NYC’s tech scene is concentrated in “Silicon Alley,” nearby Brooklyn is arguably just as startup-friendly and has some bona fides all its own. Brooklyn... Read More

Can the Mysterious Light Phone Help Free the Workforce from Distraction?

Even before it shipped to a single user, the Light Phone was one of the most compelling riddles in tech. The slender phone that only takes and receives calls has... Read More

Infographic: What’s Behind the Push for More Flexible Work Hours?

This post was originially published to The debate over the Open-Office trend reignited recently with the argument that it’s destroying the workplace. In our own business, we find support for Open-Offices... Read More

The Founder Questionnaire: The Many Lives of Hutch CEO Beatrice Fischel-Bock

This feature originally appeared on “Fail fast, fix fast, learn fast.” That’s Hutch CEO Beatrice Fischel-Bock’s mantra, and a quick tour through her history as an entrepreneur reveals she’s... Read More

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