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Everything to know about Company Culture

How to make employees feel good about an office move

Change can be unsettling, especially if you’re acclimatizing to someplace new.  “We spend a third of our lives at work, so of course a location change will impact employees,” says... Read More

The Definitive Guide to Making Your Office Accessibility-Friendly

It’s no secret that a diverse workplace can drive a company’s success by fostering a competitive and innovative edge. In fact, more diverse teams directly correlate with more profitability. In... Read More

Creating a Pet-Friendly Office Policy: What You Need to Know

Pet Sitters International celebrated the first annual Take Your Dog to Work Day on the Friday following Father’s Day in 1999. The original goals included raising awareness of the human-canine... Read More

Your Office Snack Pantry Is Killing Productivity. Here’s How to Fix It.

According to research conducted by the Center for Disease Control, the effects of obesity and poor health cost U.S. companies more than $225 billion per year in lost productivity. Many... Read More

Five Features to Aim for in Your Next Office

Like a first car, your company’s first commercial space is usually…lacking in some key departments. Like space. Lighting. Quiet nooks. And just about any modern amenity you can think of.... Read More

Is It Time To Move On From Coworking?

Over the last ten years, coworking has become the dominant trend in office space. And for good reason. Flexible and affordable office space? Check. The promise of networking? Of course.... Read More

How to Ensure Your Employees Are Happy With Your New Office Space

All-in-all, it can take 3-6 months to situate your team in a new office. It would be a shame if, after all that, parts of your team were ambivalent, or... Read More

Inside Uniqlo City

You might imagine Uniqlo City, Fast Retailing’s new headquarters for 1,000 Tokyo-based employees, to be something like an open-plan office on steroids. Well it’s much more than that. An Allied Works Architecture... Read More

Fun Office Events That Aren’t Happy Hours

Updated May, 2018 Most employee interactions in the workplace consist of meetings about work, quick exchanges over a snack or coffee, or maybe the occasional lunch. In most cases, your... Read More

Are Summer Fridays Obsolete?

Just when it looked like employees might get the fully flexible existence they always wanted, “Summer Fridays,” the original perk, appears in danger of vanishing altogether. A recent study found that... Read More

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