This week, we're featuring Nylon Magazine and their NYC office as our office space of the week.

We interviewed interior design firm Homepolish about their inspiration behind the design and found out that they completed the entire process in just 72 hours. Here's what Head of Commercial Design, Shelly Lynch-Sparks had to say about the project:

Nylon was such a fun brand to design for. Their existing digital office space needed some work! We had to change the floor plan around to accommodate their rapidly growing office while adding a small breakout area for team meetings.

Our inspiration was centered around the core muses of the brand: Music and Fashion. The graffiti art by Christina Angelina took the design to the next level. She drew inspiration from older Nylon issues and created the mural around different images she found. I love collaborating with artists and bringing them in on projects like these. The biggest challenge that we faced was completing this project before it went to print :) We designed the space in 21 days and then installed in 72 hours. Friday night all furniture was removed, the artists painted over night and by Sunday (late night) we placed everything in the space for working order that Monday.

Credits: Design by Homepolish Head of Commercial Design, Shelly Lynch-Sparks and photos by Claire Esparros

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